Dark mode on iOS 13

The new iPhone operating system, iOS 13, won't be officially out until the fall. But you can take it for a test drive right now thanks to Apple's public beta program.

But should you? What can you do if you don't like it and want to go back? What if you find bugs or glitches? How are you even supposed to know what's in iOS 13? That's where iMore comes in!

How to install the iOS 13 public beta

There are many great new features jam-packed into iOS 13, including Dark mode (finally!), a refresh of the reminders app, Voice Control, support for external drives, and a whole lot more.

If you can't wait for the official launch and are willing to test the public beta on your secondary device, here's how to enroll your device and get the beta installed.

iOS 13 FAQ: Everything you need to know!

iOS 13 was unveiled at WWDC 2019 and is currently in beta. It won't ship until this fall, but we're already fielding tons of questions about it. So, we're collecting all those questions and, better still, providing answers right here in our iOS 13 FAQ!

How to downgrade from the iOS 13 public beta back to iOS 12

The iOS 13 public beta is an easy way for users to try out the next generation of iPhone and iPad software. But if you need to downgrade your device back to the current version, iOS 12.3, that's fine. What's more, downgrading is easy: All you need is an archived backup of your device pre-beta, iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, and to follow the steps below!

How to update from an iOS beta to the official release

If you have been running a developer or public beta of iOS, you can officially move to the public release at any point once it's available. Apple may push the update to your device automatically, but you can manually download it if you prefer.

How to send iOS 13 public beta feedback

No amount of planning or internal quality assurance in the world can equal the kind of road test that happens when millions of customers hitting your software. That's why companies large and small have betas — so that real people can help find real problems before the software officially debuts. Apple's doing just that with the iOS 13 public beta — and they've including a special Feedback app to make reporting problems easier than ever.

Other questions about the iOS 13 public beta?

Pop your questions below, or chat with one of our awesome moderators in our iOS 13 forums!

Updated June 2019: Updated for iOS 13 public beta.

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