Been missing iOS betas? iOS 17.5's could hit your iPhone this week

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iOS 18 is widely expected to be announced at WWDC 2024 on June 10, but there's still plenty of life left in iOS 17 yet.

Despite a few weeks without a new beta, it appears we could see iOS 17.5 arrive as a beta later this year. This comes via a private social media account as seen by 9to5Mac, which the site says has "a strong track record", and is backed up by 9to5Mac's data.

As for what's coming in iOS 17.5, there could be more concessions to satisfy the Digital Markets Act. iOS 17.4, which arrived in March, introduced alternatives to the App Store in the European Union, as well as additional features we've listed in full.

Could iOS 17.5 see developers allowed the option to offer their apps via download from their websites? Time will tell, but 9to5Mac suggests the update could arrive as soon as this coming week for beta testers.

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iOS and the Digital Markets Act

It's certainly not gone to plan for Apple when it comes to the DMA. The company reinstated Epic Games' developer account following pressure from the European Union and the Fortnite developer, only to ban it again, and then reinstate it again after the EU asked further questions.

Big brands including Epic, Spotify and more branded Apple's changes, including allowing additional digital storefronts, as 'a mockery of the DMA', suggesting the changes don't go for enough.

And, while Apple isn't expected to allow iMessage on Android to satisfy the EU or the DOJ in the US, RCS is expected to come to the iPhone later this year.

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