iPad Controller for Pro Tools

Neyrinck has recently released two new apps for the iPad, V-Control and V-Control Pro, that will allow you to control Pro Tools audio software on the go.

V-Control provides a multi-touch control surface for Pro Tools on a Mac and soon on Windows systems. V-Control uses WiFi to control transport, editing, and mixing functions with Pro Tools 9, HD, or LE.

There are many exciting features to these apps as well, including:

  • Large, touch-sensitive moving faders.
  • Solo, mute, and record buttons
  • Left and right pan controls
  • Input monitoring switch
  • Big counter display
  • Save and Undo buttons -Pre-roll / Post-roll buttons -Keypad popover provides access to many Pro Tools features

V-Control is available in the App Store for $19.99 and V-Control Pro is also available for $49.99. So if you use Pro Tools and give these apps a shot, definitely let us know how it works out for you.

(Now all we need is a control like this for Final Cut Pro!)

[ V-Control iTunes Link, V-Control Pro iTunes Link, via ProToolerBlog ]