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  • Rescue crews used an iPad's location to locate a plane crash.
  • A father and daughter's plane crashed in Pennsylvania on Sunday.
  • Rescue crews used the daughter's iPad to locate and save both of them.

A cellular iPad became instrumental in the location and recovery of a father and daughter after their plane crashed.

As reported by CNN, a father and daughter took off in a single-engine plane in Pennsylvania on Sunday. The plane went missing shortly after departure and rescue crews attempted to search for the plane and its passengers without luck.

Thankfully, after learning the man's phone number, they discovered that his daughter had an iPad that was able to communicate its location. After using that feature, the rescue crews were able to locate and save the father and daughter who had both miraculously survived the crash.

Once rescue crews identified the pilot, they contacted his wife, who had been waiting for her husband and daughter at their destination, Serafin said, and got the man's cell phone number.

"They (rescue team) were able to ping the cell phone and they found out that the daughter had an iPad and with certain iPads, you're able to ping signals to it and once we got that coordinate, that's where we located them," he said.

The pair were found in a pre-hypothermic state and suffered minor injuries, police said. Due to their injuries, the two are still recovering in the hospital, said Serafin.

Apple always sells both WiFi and cellular versions of its iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Just like the iPhone and Apple Watch, having cellular on the iPad became a life-saving technology in this extreme scenario.

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