iPad... plates? Eat off a screen at a restaurant in San Francisco!

Imagine you're at a restaurant in beautiful San Francisco, and you order a dish called, I dunno, A Dog in Search of Gold. The description of the dish starts out like any fancy-schmancy sounding piece of gourmet grub:

… white truffle croquettes

You keep reading.

… on iPads playing videos of water dogs on the truffle-hunt…


Yeah, you read that right. Your meal is going to be literally served to you on an iPad showing dogs looking for the exact thing you're eating off the screen of your iPad/platter.

The future is now.

WOAH. This is… cool?

Yeah! I kind of think so!

… Except for the fact that our whole lives, we've been deeply ingrained with the notion of not smearing food all over our screens, so I think my obsessive screen-cleaning tendencies may make this experience one of anxiety more than amazement.

How much is it?

Well Quince was recently awarded a third Michelin star earlier in the year, so the dish is probably going to be a bit pricy.

After doing a bit of digging on the website, there aren't any prices listed with the food, but if you're ordering from a menu that boasts lobster, caviar, and truffles, then expect to shell out some moolah.

Is there any other place where I can eat my meal on an iPad?

Actually, yes! There totally is! But you're going to have to hop across the pond for that one.

A 2015 article by the Daily Mail talks about how chefs in London have been dishing out delightful digital dinnerware for a while now.

What do you think of iPad dinnerware?

Do you think this is super cool or a breeding ground for bacteria? Do you think it's an innovative new way to serve food or a total waste of money?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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