If this is the new iPad I'm ditching my iPad mini

iPad 2022 CAD Render
iPad 2022 CAD Render (Image credit: MySmartPrice)

Earlier today, a major leak of Apple's rumored tenth-generation iPad popped up. The leak, which came from MySmartPrice, showed off a series of CAD render images, which showed that the new base model iPad could feature a major design change.

Looking at the images, you can see that, if true, the tenth-generation iPad would basically take a ninth-generation iPad and iPad Air and smash them together.

While the overall hardware design would adopt the rounded-off edges of the newer iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini, the front of the iPad will retain the general design of the base model iPad with its Touch ID and bezels. It also appears that the new base model iPad may ditch the headphone jack, pack a four-speaker sound system, and adopt USB-C, making it the last iPad to do so.

If this is what Apple's tenth-generation iPad will be, I'm ready to trade in my iPad mini for the base model and get what could potentially be the new best iPad.

If this is it, I'm ditching my iPad mini

iPad 2022 CAD Render

iPad 2022 CAD Render (Image credit: My Smart Price)

I've used almost every iPad model: the base model iPad, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. After using the full range of the iPad lineup, I most recently landed on the iPad mini. One, because I got the iPhone 13 mini and figured I should just mini all of the things, and two, because my iPad needs have become incredibly basic. I use it for watching movies and TV shows, reading, and some basic internet scrolling.

As much as I've loved the iPad mini, I miss one thing: typing. There really isn't a good keyboard for the mini and, after using the Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard for the iPad, I have missed the ability to set an iPad down on my kitchen table, desk, or an airplane seat tray and type away for awhile.

An iPad/keyboard combo has some other benefits as well. For one, both the Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard are much more secure than the iPad mini cover. Second, a keyboard like the Magic Keyboard will let you see more in the dark with its backlighting.

iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (Image credit: Future)

While I've wanted that experience back, it never felt like I needed to upgrade to the iPad Air and its $599 price point. However, if the new base model iPad comes in at its usual low price of $329, I see no reason not to trade my iPad mini in and head back into the world of an iPad/keyboard combo.

Switching from the iPad mini would no doubt come with some sacrifices. I'll need to go back to an older front display design and the Touch ID button placement on the front of the iPad instead of the side. It's also likely that the base model will have a worse display and processor. However, I'm fine with those sacrifices if it means a larger screen and keyboard compatibility.

All of this, of course, hinges on the iPad actually getting this redesign and also supporting Apple's iPad keyboards. I am really crossing my fingers for this one.

Joe Wituschek

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