iPhone XR notchSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • The notch on the iPhone 13 might be thinner.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro might also get the sensor-shift technology currently reserved for the Pro Max.

As reported by Mac Okatara, there might be a few notable changes coming to the iPhone 13 lineup. According to rumors, Apple will release another four-model lineup this year as well and, while the general design will stay the same as the iPhone 12, the phones will get .26 mm thicker.

As information for Chinese suppliers, the next iPhone 13 will continue to adopt the iPhone 12's four-product enclosure design, and while the height and width will remain unchanged, the thickness will increase by 0.26 mm, sources said.

This increase in thickness may be due to changes in the camera units, which is rumored to come to all iPhone 13 models.

With regard to the rear camera, as with the iPad Pro 2021, the lens cover part will be no longer stretched, but the overall camera unit will be increased by about 0.9 mm on all iPhone 13s, and it seems to change to a design that covers the entire camera unit with sapphire glass.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max camerasSource: Apple

One feature that iPhone Pro customers will appreciate is that the sensor-shift technology which is currently reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max will apparently come to the regular-sized iPhone 13 Pro as well.

The iPhone 13 Pro's rear camera unit is the same size as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so the wide-angle camera may have sensor-shifted optical image stabilization

The last rumor is that Apple has moved around one component that will make the notch thinner, a first for iPhones that feature the notch.

The receiver at the top of the display has moved to the last minute at the end of the enclosure, making the TrueDepth camera thinner, the source said.

Apple's new iPhone lineup, as opposed to the iPhone 12, is expected to resume its usual September release schedule this year.