iPhone 13 users complain of CarPlay issues

CarPlay (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Multiple iPhone 13 users are reporting problems with CarPlay.
  • Issues include music not playing properly and apps crashing

Multiple users of the iPhone 13, Apple's new best iPhone, are complaing that CarPlay no longer works for them following their upgrade.

Multiple reports over the last few days indicate lots of people are having the same issues when it comes to playing music or using CarPlay apps.

From ZDNet:

Then there's CarPlay. That just crashes for me.A quick search of social media suggests I'm not alone here. Plenty of other beta testers who paid Apple full price are reporting the same issue.My old iPhone worked fine.

iPhone in Canada noted similar issues Monday, with one reader complaining of issues using SiriusXM, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and more. Users on Apple's Communities forums report similar, one user stating:

Even though I can start the Sirius XM app on my iPhone and play a station when I go to the app on the car's radio screen and hit favorite channels I get a message that It cannot load Sirius XM I have to go to my phone to change the channel.Same with Amazon music I can select a track on the iPhone but if I trying to open the app on the car radio screen gives me a can not load amazon music.

This user reported issues with iOS 15 rather than a specific iPhone, and iPhone in Canada reports the 15.1 beta seems to fix the issue.

However, other users have noted that they were using iOS 15 just fine with other devices, but that it now doesn't work having upgraded to iPhone 13. Again from the support forums:

I had an iPhone 12 with iOS 15, everything was working fine and dandy.I upgraded to iPhone 13 and now music does not play using CarPlay when I am using either Spotify or Apple Music.

Multiple reports indicate CarPlay crashing when taking or making calls or when trying to play a song across all music apps. It sounds like Apple's CarPlay woes are widespread, and can't be pinpointed right not to either software or hardware as the root cause.

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