iPhone 3.0: Apple Creates new Voice Memos App

With the joy Steve Jobs typically reserves for introducing new Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets, and a similarly Jobsian "it's gorgeous", iPhone Software Senior Vice-President, Scott Forstall showed off a new App for Mobile OS X at the iPhone 3.0 Preview Event.

The first new, built in App from Apple in a while, and unlike the previous two -- iTunes and App Store -- the first one which isn't just a portal to buying content, Voice Memo does indeed look very, very nice.

Using either the iPhone's built in mic or an external, plug in mic, Voice Memo can record small voice notes, lectures, meetings, interviews, or any similar audio. The included editing tools allow you to trim your recordings, and they can be sent off the device via either email or the new MMS functionality announced at the same event.

While more feature-rich voice recorders will no doubt still be offered in the App Store, it's nice to see Apple upping the base functionality without making us hit the App Store for the free Apple Remote or inexpensive Keynote Remote this time.

Rene Ritchie

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