I blew my iPhone 15 Pro Max pre-order twice — don't make the same easy mistake I did that ANYONE can

iPhone 15 Pro front and back
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My iPhone 12 contract has just ended and my hype for the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been increasing every single day. Unfortunately, two separate big mistakes have cost me a day-one preorder and I may not finally get my hands on it for a few months. At least it will make for a nice Christmas present. 

I am currently living in the UK but I only moved here last year and doing so has required getting used to lots of small differences. Somehow, both of my major mistakes are related to this move. 

The first mistake

Ready half an hour before the preorder window, I had my credit card out and decided to go with a carrier this time. This is partially due to my phone contract ending and partially related to not being able to afford to pay for the $1,199 phone outright. I applied and managed to get it in a mere ten minutes. After gloating to my colleagues at iMore, I left work on Friday content that it would arrive on my doorstep on September 22nd. 

Fueled by nothing but anxiety in the back of my brain, I checked in on my order on Monday morning, only to find it missing. My Irish contact number was flagged and, instead of reaching out to correct this problem, the carrier had canceled my entire order. This was something I found out after a lengthy conversation with the carrier’s support worker. With the carrier (I won’t name them, but it rhymes with “sodaprone”) taking my upfront payment and promising to refund it in up to two weeks, my plans of getting an iPhone 15 on its release were gone, even if I reordered right away from the same place. The phone has exploded in popularity so I would be effectively put in the back of the line. 

iPhone 15 Pro

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The second mistake

Due to this inconvenience, I decided to try a different carrier and managed to get a good deal. I picked out my Titanium Black iPhone 15 Pro Max, successfully went through the credit check, and was about to hit pay. This was until I remembered a conversation I had with my partner. Was Natural Titanium actually the best color? Maybe it would work better with some of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases?

I edited my order and picked the Natural Titanium, even if it meant getting it a little later. This was until I was hit with a declined credit application. Order canceled. 

Despite getting it just a moment ago, I wasn’t allowed to buy the contract anymore, because I’d made a fatal mistake that anyone could have made. Being young and never really needing to research credit, a lengthy lunchtime phone call revealed that checking your credit too much can actually lead to an application getting rejected, even if your credit is okay. In fairness, this is something I probably should have learned before now, two iMore colleagues who worked at Apple confirmed to me straight away that this is what had likely happened.

The silver (Titanium) lining

Frantically trying different carriers, I went back to my first choice and was somehow accepted for an order. However, things are still up in the air even now. One support worker informed me my order was canceled, only for an order confirmation to be sent to my email. Two hours later, I contacted support again who informed me my order was successful. Now, I sit constantly refreshing my order waiting for some update either way. Though I will probably get one, it seems likely to arrive at any point over the next two months. Hopefully, my fear of missing out will dissipate a little after this Friday. 

James Bentley

James is a staff writer and general Jack of all trades at iMore. With news, features, reviews, and guides under his belt, he has always liked Apple for its unique branding and distinctive style. Originally buying a Macbook for music and video production, he has since gone on to join the Apple ecosystem with as many devices as he can fit on his person. 

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  • FFR
    Op should have gone to the Apple Store and gotten it on the iPhone upgrade program.
  • naddy69
    The good news is that by the time you receive it, all of the bugs in iOS 17 will be fixed.

    Still on 16.7.1 here, and laughing at all the people who install version x.0.0 on day 1 and then complain about the problems.