Best iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protectors

You're going to love the iPhone 15 Pro Max with the exclusive tetraprism lens, but don't forget to protect that Super Retina XDR 120Hz all‑screen 460 ppi OLED display. A good screen protector will certainly keep the display from developing otherwise inevitable micro-scratches, and may even prevent cracking in the event of a fall. Here are some of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protectors you can buy.

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Do I actually need a screen protector on my iPhone 15 Pro Max?

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Well sure, if spending half a day at the Apple Store getting a screen repair isn't your idea of fun. Or if you find tiny scratches all over the screen annoying. I ordered my iPhone 15 Pro Max with AppleCare+ and I'll be using one of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases along with a screen protector to protect my own personal investment.

Will my old screen protector fit the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

It depends on the exact screen protector and how particular you are about fit. The dimensions of the iPhone 15 Pro Max are slightly different than its predecessors, having shaved a couple of centimeters off the height and width. Additionally, the bezels have been reduced, which is only an issues if your screen protector has black edges. You can try an older model if you have it lying around the house, but if you're making a purchase, you're best off buying the correct size.

Which iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector should I buy?

Any of the screen protectors mentioned here will be great; just choose the one with the features you need most. If I'm making a recommendation, I'll recommend the OtterBox for anyone. It offers 6-foot drop protection, resists cracks and scratches, plus it has lots of bonus features. I love the blue light reduction, since blue light is known to interfere with sleep when using devices before bed (though I'm really trying to cut back on that!) The anti-microbial technology is certainly a nice added touch, but of course you still need to clean your iPhone! Plus the limited lifetime warranty means that you won't have to keep buying screen protectors if this one gets damaged.

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  • Lee_Bo
    Well let me give a real world suggestion, not one that generates revenue on clicks that nobody’s used.

    Go with Spigen. Been using them since the 11PM and never had any problems with them. In fact, that brand has saved several screens from shattering.
  • flyinion
    I'm giving FloLab a try after seeing them top out a number of times on MobileReviewsEh. Generally I've used ESR for a while now though because they were cheap and I'd replace every 6 months or so. MRE actually reviewed ESR Armorite as being quite good as well if you need a budget pick