iPhone 15 could see the end of the SIM card tray in Europe

iPhone 11 in green next to a SIM card
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A new report says that Apple's new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models may not feature a SIM card in France, suggesting Apple may roll out the iPhone 14's US-only feature to more territories. 

According to French outlet iGeneration, "the future iPhone 15 and 15 Pro could also be released without a physical SIM card in France." 

Apple ditched the SIM card tray in the iPhone 14 in the U.S., leaving customers working out how to use eSIM on iPhone because it's the only option available. Now, a report claims that Apple could expand this feature beyond U.S. shores. While iGeneration reports that the SIM card tray may be on its way out in France, it seems likely that an expansion of this kind would include more than one territory, so we could be looking at a shift for multiple countries in Europe. 

iPhone 15 eSIM

While it sounds inconvenient at face value, removing the SIM card tray and switching to eSIM can actually be highly beneficial to iPhone users. Notably, you can use up to eight eSIMs on your device, so you can have multiple numbers and networks support on one device. This is particularly useful if you travel frequently to different countries, or you are Walter White. You can swap your number and network without removing your SIM card, and gone are the days of losing that pesky SIM pin you need to pop the tray open. 

Removing the SIM card tray also makes manufacturing the iPhone easier for Apple, saving time and money, and it's one less port for water and dust ingress, keeping your iPhone's internals safer and sounder. 

Multiple CAD renders and design schematic leaks of the iPhone 15 do include a SIM card tray, so it's worth noting that at least some locations will still continue to use physical SIM cards for the foreseeable future.

If iGeneration's latest report is true, then we could be looking at a much broader rollout of the SIM card tray-less life with Apple's next best iPhone, which is expected to debut in September. 

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