iPhone 15 order figures reveal which one Apple thinks you're going to buy

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New figures breaking down Apple's order plans for the production of its iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro reveal the company is expecting users to flock to its iPhone 15 Pro Max when it is launched next month.

Apple is widely expected to unveil its brand-new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro at an event currently scheduled for September 12. A new Digitimes report seen by iMore draws on previous reports from Korean outlet TheElec to pinpoint just how many of each iPhone 15 model Apple is planning to produce.

"Of the 86.3 million iPhone 15 units Apple plans to produce in 2023, the basic iPhone 15 model accounts for 21.8 million units (25%)," the report states. "The large-screen iPhone 15 Plus accounts for 8.5 million units (10%). The high-end iPhone 15 Pro accounts for 24.2 million units (28%), and the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max accounts for 31.8 million units (37%)."

More than 1/3 of the iPhone 15 models Apple is planning to produce this year will be its most expensive Pro Max, a clear sign Apple is banking on you forking out in September.

iPhone 15 plans - iMore's take

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It might seem surprising that Apple's most popular iPhone is its most expensive one, especially in a cost of living crisis. However, the target audience for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, those who want the latest and greatest, are also the most likely to buy an iPhone when it comes out in September.

By contrast, we're seeing sales of the iPhone 14 persist, while the iPhone 14 Pro slows down ahead of the anticipated launch.

What's interesting is that Apple still seems to believe its iPhone 15 Plus won't be a popular device this year. That's the same story as last year and follows the trend of Apple's problematic fourth iPhone, with neither the iPhone mini nor the Plus variant making any waves.

iPhone 15 is expected to be a much more substantial upgrade compared to last year's iPhone 14, however, as always, Apple will reserve all of its best features, such as the A17 Bionic chip and a fresh new design for its Pro models.

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  • FFR
    iPhone 15 Pro Max - 31.8 million units
    iPhone 15 Pro - 24.2 million units

    iPhone 15 - 21.8 million units
    iPhone 15 Plus - 8.5 million units

    For the last three months of 2023 .