iPhone 15 Pro could be stronger and lighter thanks to space-age materials

iPhone 15 Ultra concept
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It's used in Spacecraft, Airplanes, 200mph racecars, and premium Apple Watch Ultras — and now it's coming to the iPhone 15. According to a recent leak from leaker Unknownz21 on Twitter (Or is that X now?), the iPhone 15 Pro will use Grade 5 titanium, making it stronger and lighter than the current Stainless steel variant we've got in Apple's best iPhones.

Honestly, the sound of a titanium iPhone is a fun one — and an idea that could mean that your iPhone will not only feel a little more premium but will also last longer.

Titanium iPhones?

Grade 5 titanium, or Ti-6AI-4V for the science types, is a widely used metal in the aviation industry because it is strong, incredibly heat resistant, and importantly for things that are going to be flying tens of thousands of feet skyward, very light. All of these things will work in the iPhone's favor as well — a strong iPhone is an iPhone that will last you long beyond your two-year payment plan, so resale values could stay more consistent. Heat resistance could also be good for that new stacked battery tech that creates more heat.

According to Smiths Metal, the alpha-beta alloy that will be employed in the iPhone is also resistant to marine and offshore oil and gas environments. Now, while this doesn't mean that you should go drop your new iPhone 15 Pro in an oil spill, it likely will mean it lives well with finger oil and other oils that it might meet during its life, as well as making it more water resistant for those times it accidentally gets dropped in a sink filled with washing up liquid.

While the iPhone 14 Pro isn't a heavy phone per se, titanium would also make the iPhone 15 Pro a lot lighter; titanium is a much lighter metal, so your iPhone won't weigh as much as one that's made out of stainless steel. If anything, this new material could be one of the most exciting new rumors about the iPhone 15 — now just to see if it comes to fruition in September.

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