iPhone 15 Pro will be redesigned to be more repairable like the iPhone 14

iPhone 14 torn down
(Image credit: iFixit)

Right-to-repair has been a movement that has gained significant traction, and some companies have been making efforts to ensure better repairability of products. Apple has made significant improvements as well, introducing the Self Service Repair program last year.

It also made the iPhone 14 more repairable on the whole, with easier disassembly and allowing the back glass to be replaced in a much easier fashion. Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, said that this approach is going to be expanded with the iPhone 15 Pro, which will also have redesigned internals to better aid repairability.

Pro models set to get more repairable with the iPhone 15 series

Last year, Apple redesigned its cheaper iPhone 14 to be more repairable. However, there wasn't any mention or discovery of the Pro models getting the same change. However, this year, it seems like Apple is going to implement these changes across the entire lineup of its best iPhone.

Apparently, when the iPhone 15 launches in September, the iPhone 15 Pro will arrive with a redesign that will make it more repairable. Gurman wrote, "The inside of the iPhone 15 Pro is redesigned to match the revamped aluminum chassis from the regular iPhone 14 (iFixit has a rundown of the changes). That overhaul makes the phone easier to repair."

As Gurman notes, iFixit had noted the changes in the iPhone 14's frame, which included a three-layer design for better acccess, calling it a beautiful butterfly with "a midframe in the middle, accessible screen on the left, and removable rear glass on the right." Apple had redesigned the iPhone 14 from the ground up, improving repairability as well as the phone's ingress protection. 

Apple will port over this to the frame of the iPhone 15 Pro, making it more repairable. To users, it won't look different on the outside, since the engineering if this aspect has been seamless. However, it's good to know that the next iPhone will have better repairability across the board.

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