These images show us what the iPhone 15 might look like

iPhone 15 Pro concept
(Image credit: Konstantin Milenin)

The iPhone 15 is going to be coming later this year, as always with new iPhone models – and while a clear image of what the new phones will look like has been out of our reach, we now have a better idea thanks to some dummy units that MacRumors got its mitts on.

A dummy unit is what third-party accessory manufacturers and the like get so that they have an idea of what the new models will look like so that they can get started on making cases and other iPhone bits and bobs made, and they are a great way of looking at what the next iPhone will feature physically.

What's on it?

A number of things seem to be confirmed by the new dummy units – with one being the volume controls. Initially in the rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, it looked like there might have been haptic touch buttons in place of the traditional volume controls, although the more recent reports that those wouldn't be present seem instead to be the case. The dummy units feature a single volume control, although this will likely be split for the final production model.

Also absent are the curves that some thought the iPhone 15 Pro might receive. The chassis itself looks a little less angular than the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max that we have, but the smoother sides are nowhere near as pronounced as some might have expected. In the long run, the iPhone 15 Pro looks very much like the iPhone 14 Pro.

USB-C also looks to be confirmed with a port on the bottom of the new devices, all featuring the port now instead of a Lightning connector. The mute switch that sits above the volume controls as well looks to be slightly different – it's now a button, that instead of muting your phone, could be a new action button, like that found on the Apple Watch Ultra.

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