Will the iPhone 15 Pro fit in your old case?

iPhone 14 Pro Max on a grey background
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Will the iPhone 15 Pro fit in your old case?

Best Answer: No, your iPhone 14 Pro case will not fit the iPhone 15 Pro. It will likely rattle around inside the case, defeating the purpose of having something to protect your phone in the first place.

Why won’t an old iPhone case fit?

Though both iPhones are a very similar size, slimmer bezels and a curved design means it will rattle around inside an old case. As well as this, the Action Button won’t fit the cutouts for last year’s mute switch. The screen is the same basic size but small differences will leave your cases not quite fitting. As they are an important way of protecting your device, they need to be tight and secure. 

iPhone 15 Pro front and back

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Will any older cases work?

No, other cases from Apple will not work with the iPhone 15 Pro line. This is due to the same problems we met with the iPhone 14 Pro case. 

Will the iPhone 15 fit in your old case?

Like the iPhone 15 Pro, the iPhone 15 has very small but noticeable changes so won’t fit in last year’s iPhone 14 case. Though the mute button is present in this model, the back has had changes in regards to how angular it is, meaning it won’t feel secure in a case. Though it could technically go in that case, it’s probably not going to protect your new investment very well.

A recurring problem

Unfortunately, this is a problem Apple users come across every year with slight alterations to the smartphone’s chassis. This means that it is very unlikely future phones will properly fit into older cases. You could technically risk it with most of them and hope for the best but a good phone case wraps around your phone. If the case is a bit loose, it is very easy for it to slip out and go hurtling towards the ground. Luckily, the titanium of this year’s iPhone should help it take a few knocks.

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