iPhone 16 Pro colors leaked — Desert Yellow and Cement Gray are not the exciting shades we were hoping for

iPhone 15 lineup
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A new inside report from a leaker has just revealed two possible shades of color coming to the iPhone 16 Pro when it arrives later this year. 

Apple is expected to debut its next best iPhone, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro, during the usual September window in 2024. For 2023, Apple introduced an all-new finish to the “Pro” models. Titanium. Not only is that titanium “aerospace-grade,” making it super strong and light, but it also paved the way for some new finishes. Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro colors come in black, white, blue, and natural titanium, each with a brushed metal finish. 

For 2024, Apple is reportedly planning to evolve titanium with some new colors, but if you were hoping for some exciting new shades that will make this year’s iPhone pop, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. 

iPhone 16 Pro colors — more of the same? 

According to information obtained by X leaker Majin Bu, a tipster with a mixed track record, Apple is reportedly planning shades of iPhone 16 Pro dubbed “Desert Yellow” and “Cement Gray.” If this information is accurate (and Bu admits it might not be), then the names suggest these colors will be about as inspiring as they actually sound. Desert Yellow is reportedly “similar to the gold of the iPhone 14 Pro but deeper and heavier,” while Cement Gray is “a shade of space gray similar to that used on iPhone 6.” Bu says it's possible that “only one of these colors is approved,” but also clarified that Apple is not preparing anything red or green. Finally, he noted that while blue might stay in the lineup, it’s possible it could be replaced with another shade. 

Without reading too much into unofficial information, it’s hard not to be a bit disappointed with the prospect that Apple is rolling out the same dull, muted color palette for the iPhone 16 Pro as it has done with previous recent releases. As far as I can recall, the last exciting “Pro” iPhone color we had was the iPhone 12 Pro’s Pacific Blue, which was complemented by the mid-cycle release of the delicious Alpine Green. While I know that Apple often reserves its brighter colors for the regular iPhone lineup, I’m honestly quite bored of the Pro palette. This year I’ve tested both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, and the frosted, matte finish of the iPhone 15 is decidedly more enjoyable than the titanium iPhone 15 Pro, which also really struggles with fingerprints. Even still, the iPhone 15 lineup’s colors (or at least the blue and green I’ve used) are also so muted that they might as well be white. 

I appreciate Apple wants to keep its “Pro” iPhone lineup looking “Pro”, but we’ve seen so many great iPhone colors that I can’t help but think Apple is missing a trick. Surely a PRODUCT(RED) titanium, a rich bronze color, or some purple would be a huge breath of fresh air. Sadly, it sounds like we might be in for another round of iPhone 16 Shades of Grey, and I’m not excited. 

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