The GameSir X2S is the perfect iPhone controller for small hands but not for me

A small controller with small problems.

GameSir X2s
(Image: © Future / James Bentley)

iMore Verdict

GameSir’s X2s is an excellent controller with some fantastic buttons, sticks, and a great aesthetic, though it loses out in some small ways. Due to its size, I can’t see myself using it a lot but the right person will easily find this becoming their iPhone controller of choices


  • +

    A lovely color scheme

  • +

    No more stick drift

  • +

    Great price


  • -

    No aux jack

  • -

    Doesn’t work with any cases

  • -

    Not one size fits all

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The GameSir X2s is not a controller I will be using very much. It is something my partner will dig out when they want to play Resident Evil Village on my iPhone 15 Pro Max but there are so many other options out there I’d prefer. 

It is, however, a controller I think is very good and I would recommend it. With the GameSir X2s, I’ve been met with a device that, despite some flaws, feels perfect for the right type of person. 

GameSir X2s: Price and availability

GameSir X2s

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The GameSir X2s is currently available for $45.99 at Amazon and the GameSir website. The stock has been consistent since I have been monitoring it, which means you can get it as early as tomorrow with Amazon Prime. 

The GameSir X2s is currently only available in a single color scheme and hasn’t seen any price reductions since its launch. 

GameSir X2s: What’s good?

GameSir X2s

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

iPhone gaming controllers sometimes lack a clear identity in regards to their color and layout. Many of the cheaper controllers just try to look like something you are familiar with. The GameSir X2s doesn’t try to just fit in and thrives because of it. A grouping of mostly greys and purples, it feels very similar to an old SNES controller. The bulk of the controller is a light grey, with the accents being a darker grey and light purple. The back of the controller is mostly that same purple and appears to wrap around from the triggers to the base. It looks very stylish and retro. 

The USB-C connector housed in the center of the controller has an adjustable angle so you can push it up, connect your iPhone to it, and then clip the iPhone into the grip. It all works really well and I’d be surprised if more companies don’t implement a similar mechanism in future iPhone controllers. 

Once everything is strapped in, the GameSir X2s is very nice to use, thanks to clicky buttons, the ability to swap from Xbox to Nintendo button layouts with a quick button shortcut, and extra controls like a built-in screenshot button. Hall effect sticks mean that the controller will never get stick drift and an optional hair trigger mode means that you can fire instantly, rather than having to press the trigger down to a certain threshold. In the recently launched Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, these triggers feel super smooth and a textured grip on the sides of the controller makes it easier to reposition my body while playing. 

Pass-through charging down the bottom left of the controller means never having to run out of battery as you play and it requires no fine-tuning to get Genshin Impact, Resident Evil Village, and all the best iPhone games running. 

GameSir X2s: What’s not so good?

GameSir X2s

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

Being both a good and bad thing, the GameSir X2s is a very small controller — not only in dimensions but also in its thumbsticks and buttons. The controller’s triggers feel comparatively huge and my large hands don’t quite feel right around it. However, my partner, who has much smaller hands, loves the feel and look of the controller so it seems like a good choice for someone who finds other controllers a little too big. 

Though the GameSir X2s having passthrough charging is great, the lack of an aux port makes it not quite as versatile as I would have liked. As well as this, the USB-C connector is so small that it does not work with any of the 15 or so iPhone 15 Pro Max cases I have in my house — meaning I have to take my case off anytime I want to play a game. 

GameSir X2s: Competition

GameSir X2s

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The Gamesir X2s has a lot of competition. Though it tends to go for around double the price, the BackBone One 2 is perhaps the best game controller for iPhone out there and manages to beat the GameSir X2s with aux support and the ability to use it with a case. However, if these aren’t too big of a deal for you, the GameSir X2s is an excellent alternative that is a good bit cheaper. 

For $35 more, you could pick up the GameSir G8 Galielio, which is a bigger controller with almost all of the benefits of the X2s. It also has a great aesthetic. Part of what makes the X2s feel special is how it fits into the market. There aren’t really many options that offer the same features at the same price point. You can find some controllers I’d prefer for more money but nothing quite like it at just $45.99.

GameSir X2s: Should you buy it?

You should buy it if...

Other iPhone controllers are a little big for you
You like a retro aesthetic
You want a good budget choice

You should not buy it if…

You have big hands
You need to plug in a headset
You want to keep your case on

GameSir X2s: Verdict

The Gamesir X2s is a great iPhone controller that feels perfect for smaller hands. It does lose out in a lack of case compatibility and no aux jack but makes up for it with excellent sticks, triggers, and a fantastic aesthetic. 

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