The new GameSir X2s USB-C iPhone game controller hits that retro vibe and a budget price

GameSir X2S Controller
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The iPhone is a pretty great way to play games, especially if you own one of the iPhone 15 Pro models with its A17 Pro chip. But the truth is that you're probably going to want an iPhone game controller to get the best experience, and there is no shortage of options in that regard. Unfortunately, most of the best options have prices to match their capabilities but there's one new entry that might just prove you don't have to spend a lot to get a great controller.

That entry is the new GameSir X2s, a game controller that's compatible with both Android and iOS handsets so long as they have a USB-C port. That of course means the iPhone 15 models are good to go, but you're unfortunately out of luck if you're gaming on something a little older. On the positive side, this controller will likely work well beyond the iPhone 15 thanks to a movable USB-C connector that should stand the test of time no matter how much Apple wiggles that port around.

There are tons more features to dive into but potentially the best news here is the price. The GameSir X2s retails for just $45.99, a price that is considerably lower than some of the controllers produced by the competition.

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With the price out of the way, the other thing that immediately jumps out is the purple and white aesthetic that immediately reminds us of Nintendo consoles of yesteryear. But this thing has features that make it an even better option beyond those stunning looks and an incredible price.

The USB-C connection is obviously key here, while there's also a USB-C passthrough so that you can charge your iPhone as you game. And because you're plugged in rather than using Bluetooth you won't have to contend with any latency, either.

The notable features continue to the sticks which are of the Hall Effect variety. "Precision and durability are the hallmarks of the X2s Type-C's Hall Tech features," GameSir's press release explains. "The Hall Effect sensing sticks provide 360° seamless pinpoint control, offering the precision and durability demanded by mobile gamers." The release continues, adding that "anti-friction glide rings ensure super-smooth stick control, minimizing stick grinding and extending usage time."
There are also precision-tuned Hall Effect analog triggers with what GameSir says will be "unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness. For FPS and action gamers, a quick switch to Hair Trigger Mode is just a button combination away."

A Turbo function offers faster firing without latency, while other features include a microswitch design of the LB and RB buttons that price "an e-sport mechanical feel."

That's all pretty great and the Hall Effect triggers and sticks are undoubtedly well worth paying attention to here, but really we were sold when we saw how much this controller makes our iPhone look like a Nintendo DS.

One word of note for future iPhones that might be of interest — GameSir says that its new controller works just fine with foldable Android phones, including those like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Pixel Fold. So, should Apple finally get around to launching a foldable iPhone, your game controller will probably work with it as well

You can order your new GameSir X2s game controller from Amazon for $45.99 starting right now.

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