Is your Apple Card about to expire? Don't worry, Apple already has a plan to send you a new one

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If you’re an early Apple Card adopter, you may need to replace your card as it could be expiring soon.

According to MacRumors, Apple is sending out an email to those who have owned the card since 2020. In the email, it explains that a new card is being sent to your home address, and you won’t need to do anything. “We're sending a replacement titanium card to your billing address so you can continue to use it at physical locations. Your new titanium card will be shipped within 2 weeks from the date of this communication.”

Apple Card is a U.S. credit card issued by Goldman Sachs that debuted in 2020. Made out of a titanium unibody, the card allows iPhone users to pay for goods through Apple Pay, and they can track their spending through the Wallet app. Apple Card also offers cashback on purchases as well as monthly financing to spread the cost of bigger purchases.

As the long number on the physical card can be used for in-person transactions, it’s normal for a card to expire after a few years, as changing this can also help protect you against fraud. If for some reason you haven’t received an email, here’s what to do for now.

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How to check your card’s expiration date

First, it’s important to check your Junk Mail folder in your email account. There’s always a chance, however small, that Apple’s email about your card could have mistakenly landed there. If it is, you don’t need to do anything else, as a new card will be sent to the address the company has on your Apple ID account.

If you’ve checked your Junk Mail folder and nothing is there, here’s what you can do for now.

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  1. Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. At the top of the app, tap the card icon that has ‘123’ over it
  3. This will display all of your Apple Card details, including the expiration date
  4. If the date is still some way off, we recommend waiting until Apple sends you an email
  5. If the date is in the near future, however, we recommend reaching out to Apple Support to see if they can send you a replacement card sooner

Fortunately, Apple is already sending out replacement cards to those affected regardless. However, it’s always best to check if the expiry date on your Apple Card is approaching, as having an expired card could make for an awkward situation — especially when you’re about to pay for something.

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