Nimble's colorful new USB-C charging collection is the perfect option for juicing up your iPhone 15

Nimble USB-C Apple Collection
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Getting one of the best iPhone chargers will really change the way you use your device. But it isn't just charging speed that you want to pay attention to. If you're going to be using a charger every day, you want it to look good as well. Whether that's matching your car color, your nightstand, or the color of your actual iPhone. And if you're rocking one of the more colorful iPhone 15 options, Nimble's new USB-C collection would be perfect for you.

Nimble's just dropped a new collection of eco-friendly charging goodness exclusively at Apple. The collection is a bunch of new USB-C charging accessories made specifically for your iPhone. All of the items come in this bright new Cyber Lime colorway, which is perfect for anyone who loves a splash of loud color. In a first for Nimble all the items are available to buy directly from Apple (including in-store), as well as from Nimble.

What's in Nimble's new USB-C charging collection?

First up, there's the PowerKnit FLEX 3-Pack at $59.95. This trio of USB-C to USB-C cables is basically the Swiss Army knife of charging cords, offering various lengths and a whopping 240W charging speed. Next, for $19.95, there’s the PowerKnit FLEX. This 2.4-foot USB-A to USB-C cable is the softie of the bunch – literally. It’s designed to be flexible yet durable, and even comes with a cable organizer to keep your tech area looking shipshape.

Then there's the CHAMP Portable Charger. For $79.95, this 10,000 mAh powerhouse is as small as a deck of cards but packs a serious punch with 20W dual USB-C ports. For the wanderlusts out there, the PowerKnit Travel Kits are a godsend. The 2-Pack at $29.95 comes with two 5-inch USB-C to USB-C cables, neatly bundled in a Travel Case. If you need more versatility, the 3-Pack at $39.95 includes a USB-C to USB-C, USB-A to USB-C, and a USB-C with Lightning connector, all snugly tucked into a hand-woven Travel Case from repurposed materials.

And this new USB-C collection isn't just for your convenience. Nimble’s partnered with Someone Somewhere, a social enterprise helping artisans in rural Mexico. Every Travel Case is hand-woven using recycled materials, featuring a label signed by the artisan and a QR code to learn about their story. According to Ross Howe, CEO and Co-founder at Nimble, the "intent is to create thoughtful products that people love, with a focus on impact-positive outcomes." And with Apple’s backing, it looks like Nimble is well on its way to achieving that.

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