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Just get an iPhone XS? Yep, it's a pretty impressive little smartphone, isn't it? It's packed with a ton of great and powerful features, and chances are high that you're using it in the car for navigation directions. That battery isn't the best though, so you should be charging it up while in the car! Here are some of the best car chargers that you can pick up for your iPhone XS.

Intelligent car charger: nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Quick Charge

Staff Favorite

The ZUS car charger includes two reversible USB-A ports and can fast charge your phone 2.4 times faster than other car chargers. It can also save your car's location, so you'll never lose your car again. It even monitor your car's battery health, and the app can save parking alerts for you as well, so you won't ever get a parking ticket again.

$35 at Amazon

Trusted brand: Aukey USB-C PD car charger

Aukey's 36W charger comes recommended by our own Derek Kessler, and that's because it'll fast charge your iPhone 8 or X without problem. It features one USB-C port and a USB-A port for any other devices you have that need charging.

$20 at Amazon

Charge all the things!: Anker 50W PowerDrive 5

If you're constantly having to charge up multiple devices while on-the-go in the car, then you need the Anker PowerDrive 5. This car charger is connected to a hub with five USB-A ports. It also uses PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to give you the fastest possible charge with 50 watt output. The hub has an adhesive backing that can be mounted onto a clean and flat surface in your car for easy access.

$20 at Amazon

Inexpensive but not cheap: RAVPower USB-C car charger

It may only be $8, but RAVPower' car charger is no slouch. It's made to be durable and features one USB-C port and a USB-A port for other devices. The LED indicator lets you know when things are charging properly, and RAVPower provides a 30-month warranty.

$8 at Amazon

For both sides: Trianium Quick Charge and USB-C car charger

This car charger features a USB-C port for fast charging your iPhone, and it also has a Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port for all Quick Charge-enabled Android phones, so that everyone in the family can enjoy fast charging, no matter which side of the aisle they fall on.

$30 at Amazon

A trusted brand: Belkin USB-C car charger

Belkin's USB-C car charger can charge up your USB-C devices up to 70 percent faster than other chargers. This one also comes with a 4-foot detachable cable that you can use, or bring your own. There is built-in surge protection as well.

$10 at Amazon

Small and compact: Anker 12W 5V Lighting Car Charger

If you just need a car charger for just your iPhone, then this one from Anker will get the job done. It's one of the smallest and most compact car chargers available, so it won't take up much space in your car, and it has its own built-in Lightning cable made of the same tough and durable materials as Anker's PowerLine+ cables. The cable is 3-feet long, which should be enough to reach any car vent mounts. It also has quick charge capabilities.

$12 at Amazon

Bling it up: Vocalol Bling Car Charger

Sometimes you want something that looks pretty but still gets the job done. This car charger from Vocalol features sparkly rhinestones around the charger that's sure to give your car a feminine touch. It includes two ports, one 2.4A and one 1.0A output. There's no fast charge on this one though, but sometimes you just need the basics with a touch of bling, right? There's also four color options to choose from.

$13 at Amazon

Like it's not even there: Ainope Car Charger

This car charger from Ainope is incredibly tiny and will sit flush with your car charger port. It provides two 2.4A ports so you can charge two devices at a time. Since it just has ports, you can use any compatible USB-A cable to charge up your iPhone or any other device. Since this is designed to sit flush with most car charging outlets, it gives your car an OEM aesthetic that's rather pleasing.

$13 at Amazon

A splash of color: Belkin Studio Car Charger with Lightning Cable

Belkin is a good brand that even appears in Apple stores. The Belkin Studio car charger comes in a gorgeous Rose Gold color (or you can go with Silver), and it has two 4.8A USB-A ports for you to plug into and charge. This particular model also comes with a 1.5-meter Lightning cable in a matching color, and it's been tested to withstand 1500 bends and twists, so it's fairly durable. Overall, this is a good value if you also want a spare Lightning cable.

$35 at Amazon

Wireless charging: Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging

Charge without wires

If you have a compatible Moshi SnapTo phone case, then your iPhone XR or XS Max will magnetically cling to this mount (either vent or dash style) and charge up without the need for a cable. And since it works with SnapTo cases, there's no need for additional pieces.

$60 at Moshi

Simple, effective, affordable: Maxboost Car Charger

If you just need the basics, then this highly-rated option from Maxboost should do the trick. It has two USB ports and charges your iPhone or iPad at max speed. It also has intelligent circuit design so that it doesn't overheat or short circuit while in use.

$8 at Amazon

If we're making suggestions

Your best option for a car charger for your iPhone XS could be any one of these because they maintain the wired charging connection. While wireless charging is convenient, it's just not fast enough to be worth it on the road. If you're using a navigation app, your phone will drain more quickly than any wireless charger can keep up with. Grab one of these, and juice up.

Our personal favorite is the nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger with Quick Charge. The super convenient feature that allows you to save your car's parking location is unbeatable. Plus, the car battery health monitoring is cool, since it alerts you when you should have it looked at by a mechanic.

For those who have a lot of electronics with them, the Anker PowerDrive 5 is a great option. The hub it is connected to features five ports for you to plug in to, so it should definitely be more than enough! You can even mount that hub with the adhesive for easier access.

We also like the Belkin Studio because the Rose Gold color is gorgeous, and hey, having a spare Lightning cable is always good. The ainope Aluminum Alloy Car Charger is also a good one because it's flush with most car charging outlets, giving your car a premium OEM feel. Who doesn't like that?

And if you prefer to go without wires, then the Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging is a good option, as it makes charging effortless. Just make sure you have a compatible case as well (only for iPhone XR or XS Max).

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