This premium MagSafe charger has space to juice up all your daily Apple devices — and comes with its own carrying case

Alogic Matrix Ultimate
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Alogic is well known for making some of the most premium Apple accessories this side of the big A itself — and it's just released a bumper load of new products during the CES show. This product in particular is one that we’re interested in: The Matrix Ultimate MagSafe charger.

Portable chargers are a dime a dozen at this point, but this one sets itself apart in a few key ways — let’s have a look.

Multipurpose, shrinking charger


(Image credit: Alogic)

When you yank it out of the box, the Matrix Ultimate is a combination of a folding stand and a 5,000MAh MagSafe charger. When in its stand mode, there’s a built-in Apple Watch charger and wireless charging panel for AirPods, all hooked up to the wall with a 35W GAN charging module. Perfect for something to sit on your desk next to your bed.

Want to go mobile with your iPhone 15, and keep some extra juice on hand for when might run out of battery? The MagSafe charging portion, and that 5,000MAh battery, can be pulled out of the stand like a portable charger that you can take around with you.

It’s a unique solution to not only the stand idea itself, but also a cool combination of a series of useful products that you might normally need to buy separately. The battery pack stays charged because it only leaves its charging cradle when you want to take it out and about, and the Apple Watch charger can be folded away so that you can save a little space if needed.

Want to take it on holiday or on a business trip? Worry not about scratches and damage — it comes with a carrying case so that you can slip it into a suitcase or a bag worry-free. You can purchase a Matrix Ultimate from Alogic for $179/$169, available now.

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