PopSockets PopWallet Plus for MagSafe review: Get a grip and make it rain

Popsockets Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Iphone 12 Pro
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Bottom line: The PopWallet+ for MagSafe has an incredibly powerful hold, and you can store up to three cards in the elastic sock. It also doubles as a PopGrip, eliminating two birds with one stone.


  • +

    Super strong magnets

  • +

    Holds up to three cards

  • +

    Doubles as a phone grip

  • +

    Protects cards from the magnet

  • +

    Compatible with PopTops and PopMount


  • -

    Almost twice as much as original

  • -

    Limited colors and designs

  • -

    Can't go beyond three cards

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When Apple added MagSafe to the iPhone 12 series, I knew that it was on to something special. MagSafe has become one of those features that I didn't realize I needed with my iPhone, and now it's one that I can't live without, to be honest. Never underestimate the power of magnets!

With MagSafe, we have a slew of new accessories to go with our iPhone, from chargers to battery packs to wallets and stands to grips. No matter what you're looking for, there's probably some kind of MagSafe version of it out there now, which is a perfect accessory for your best MagSafe-compatible iPhone case.

A few years ago, I originally thought PopSockets were a dumb accessory for phones because they looked silly when attached. But my opinion of them changed once I actually bought one and used it — these things are life changing! They make it so much more comfortable for me to hold and use my iPhone, making it even possible to use with just one hand. I've been a fan ever since, but I had been eagerly waiting for MagSafe PopSockets products.

I reviewed the PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe a few weeks ago, and it has become one of my most-used accessories since. Today, I will dive in with the PopWallet+ for MagSafe, which is one of the best I've used so far.

PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe: Price and availability

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Black Front Back

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Black Front Back (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

At the moment, the PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe can only be found on the PopSockets website as well as Target in-store and online. There are only five different colors and designs at the moment, which is sparse compared to all of the other options available for the non-MagSafe version. The PopWallet+ for MagSafe retails for $40, which is $15 more than the standard version.

PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe: Strong, secure, convenient

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Cards

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Cards (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The PopWallet+ for MagSafe is very similar to the PopGrip for MagSafe, but it's rectangle-shaped with a slot that can hold up to three cards of your choice. Of course, this also depends on the thickness of the cards you choose to carry — the thicker one is, the less room you have for another, and the fit may be a little snug. The dimensions on the PopWallet+ are 57.35mm by 87.77mm, and it's slightly thicker than the PopGrip for MagSafe at 7.32mm.

PopSockets PopWallet+ holds up to three cards, and it has a super-strong magnetic hold. It also provides a great grip.

With the PopWallet+ for MagSafe, the grip part is towards the top, and the bottom has a half-circle opening that exposes the knit elastic sock sandwiched between the magnetic and plastic slabs. Thanks to this knit opening, you can easily push your cards out when you need them, but they'll be safe and secure inside otherwise. Expanding the grip part out is easy, and due to design, it's always going to be positioned around the center of your iPhone 12. This is a great spot for the grip for one-handed use, and you can use it as a phone stand while your device is in landscape orientation.

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Side Full

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Side Full (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The magnet on the PopWallet+ is also powerful, like the regular PopGrip. So if you didn't like the fact that the Apple MagSafe Wallet may or may not slide off when you put your iPhone 12 Pro into your pocket, then the PopWallet+ for MagSafe is a better choice.

Also, like the PopGrip for MagSafe, the PopWallet+ for MagSafe is compatible with any swappable PopTops you may have, as well as PopMounts.

PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe: Only so many colors and designs to pick from

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Iphone 12 Pro Stand

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Iphone 12 Pro Stand (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

One of the best things about PopSockets, in general, is the variety that it offers. However, since the MagSafe lineup only launched recently, it's very limited in colors and designs offered. Right now, for the PopWallet+ for MagSafe, there are three solid colors (Black, Blush Pink, and Periwinkle) and two patterns (Rose Gold Lux and Floral Bohemian). The PopGrip for MagSafe is even worse with just a single solid color (Black) and three patterns (Opal, Blue Nebula, and Gold Lutz Marble).

Unfortunately, the current MagSafe collection for PopSockets is pretty limited in terms of colors and designs.

I absolutely love the PopSockets MagSafe collection in general because the magnets are much stronger than other similar products, but the variety is sorely lacking. I hope PopSockets will be adding more colors and designs for the PopWallet+ and PopGrip for MagSafe sooner rather than later.

I'm also a little surprised at the price. The regular PopWallet+ is only $25, which is reasonable. But the PopWallet+ for MagSafe is $15 more at $40. The cost of adding MagSafe to it seems a little steep to me, but they are pretty dang strong, all things considered. If you're going to spend the money on these, don't expect them to come off easily if you're using a good MagSafe-compatible iPhone case.

PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe: Competition

Moft Magsafe Snap On Phone Stand Wallet With Case

Moft Magsafe Snap On Phone Stand Wallet With Case (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

When it comes to MagSafe accessories, there is no shortage of options for the best MagSafe wallets.

The biggest alternative is Apple's own Leather Wallet with MagSafe. It is slim, stylish, and holds up to two cards, but it can wiggle around a bit, and it has no phone grip attachment. The Mous Limitless 3.0 Card Wallet may be a better solution if you just want a wallet-only option.

But if you want a combination of a wallet and a phone grip/stand, then your choices are a bit more limited. There is the MOFT MagSafe Snap-On Phone Stand and Wallet, but from my experience, the magnets on this are definitely weaker than PopSockets. But it features multiple stand modes, holds up to four cards, and is slim. It's also slightly cheaper than the PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe.

PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe: Should you buy it?

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Iphone 12 Pro Case

Popwallet Plus Periwinkle Iphone 12 Pro Case (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You want a MagSafe wallet with an integrated grip
  • You need something that doesn't come off easily
  • You use other PopSockets products

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You want specific colors or designs
  • You carry more than three cards
  • You are on a budget

If you're looking for a MagSafe accessory that combines both a wallet and a phone grip/stand in one, then the PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe is one of the best that you can buy. And unlike some of the competition, it has super strong magnets, so this isn't going to easily come off when you slip your iPhone 12 into your pockets. The PopWallet+ for MagSafe easily stores your three most-used cards, and getting them out is easy-peasy with the elastic at the bottom. And since this has an integrated PopGrip, it makes it more comfortable to use your iPhone 12 with one hand, and it doubles as a viewing stand too. For those who have other PopSockets products, like swappable PopTops and PopMounts, the PopWallet+ for MagSafe is fully compatible with those too.

However, keep in mind that the PopWallet+ for MagSafe won't be compatible with non-iPhone 12 devices, and it is almost double the price of the regular PopWallet+ (same with the PopGrip for MagSafe). It is also fairly limited in colors and designs, and if you need more than three cards, this won't work. But if you have an iPhone 12 device, this is one of the best MagSafe accessories you can get for it.

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