This rumored color for iPhone 15 Pro is the one I've been waiting for

iPhone 15 held with an orange background
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Fresh rumors have arrived for the iPhone 15 Pro where its exclusive color may have been revealed.

According to 9to5Mac, a darker red is coming to iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, similar to Deep Purple in iPhone 14 Pro and Sierra Blue in iPhone 13 Pro. Apple is allegedly planning a light blue and pink color for the iPhone 15 series as well.

In recent years, there's been growing anticipation as to which color would be appearing on the Pro models of the latest iPhone, with some on the iMore team hoping for a darker orange to arrive this year.

However, a dark Ferrari Red is something I've been hoping to see, and as I'm already biding my time to buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max, this has only convinced me even more to buy one once it's confirmed.

Green, Blue, Lighter Blue, Purple, Red?

iPhone 15 Pro in red

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

Exclusive colors for Apple's products go as far back as the U2 iPod in 2004, where the click wheel was red and the rest of the player was black. When it comes to iPhone, it wasn't until the iPhone 3GS arrived in 2009 that a color other than black was made available to buy.

As the years passed, more colors arrived for the line such as the iPhone 5C in 2013. Once the Pro series arrived with the iPhone 11 in 2019, there's been one exclusive color ever since.

Sierra Blue on my iPhone 13 Pro is a great color, although the same one arriving on the iPhone 14 somewhat dampened that feeling of having an exclusive color. But I've always loved the red color that Apple has gone with in the past, and wondered why it had never arrived in the iPhone Pro models.

With the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, it looks like it's finally happening. While 9to5Mac's take is clearly a rough impression, it did give the hex color to the iPhone as #410D0D. It's a darker red, but it fits the tradition for darker colors that came before in the iPhone Pro line that began in 2019.

Granted, this could still change, and we could see a different shade of red appear once the iPhone 15 Pro is confirmed, or a different color entirely. But regardless, it's a favorite color of mine, and it feels like the next logical step for the next iPhone to go red, rather than a darker yellow for instance.

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