You could get an iPhone 14 for free with trade in at Verizon

iPhone 14
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Fancy grabbing a new iPhone 14? If you trade in your old phone with Verizon, you could get up to $800 off one of Apple's latest iPhones. That full amount of $800 will pay completely for a 128GB iPhone, which, let's face it, is plenty of storage for pretty much everyone. You'll have to make sure your phone is in decent condition to get the full amount, but we've had lots of luck with even older devices getting the entire $800. You have to be a new customer, but this iPhone 14 deal is not one to be missed.

iPhone 14 for free with trade-in at Verizon

iPhone 14 | $800 off with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)

iPhone 14 | $800 off with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)

The 128GB version of the iPhone 14 costs $799 - which just so happens to be the amount that Verizon could give you for your old phone. Verizon will even sweeten the deal with an extra $200 Verizon store credit if you switch networks, which you could put towards anything from an Apple Watch to an iPad.

It's super easy to make use of Verizon's trade-in program. On Verizon's iPhone 14 product page (opens in new tab), you'll want to scroll on down to the 'ways to save' section and then find the first offer. Hit add, put all your phone details in, and you'll get the amount that you should get for your phone. Keep in mind that this amount is an estimate - when Verizon takes a look at your phone, that amount may change depending on the condition of the device. You'll have to select one of the Unlimited plans as well, but with those, you'll get all the internet, calls, and texts you could ask for.

The iPhone 14 is Apple's latest flagship, arriving in some incredible colors and with a slightly improved battery. If you want to make sure you're getting the best price, then compare the best iPhone 14 deals. Fancy a different device? We know where to find all the best iPhone deals too.

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