iPod touch 7 (2019): First Impressions

Yeah, the 2019 iPod touch update isn't quite the 2011 iPod touch update — that year, the only change was that they added white to the pallet. This year, Apple is upgrading the processor from an A8 to an A10 Fusion, and expanding storage options up toe 256 GB.

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iPod touch 7: More power

From the chip originally launched with the iPhone 6 to one originally launched with the iPhone 7. To put that in context, the current iPhone XS ships with an A12 Bionic and it's widely expected we'll see the A13 later this year. But, the A10 still packs a lot of punch. Apple's first — don't call it big.LITTLE but how about performance.EFFICIENCY cores — it's powerful enough to enable everything from augmented reality to FaceTime groups on the iPod touch. And that's certainly powerful enough to run iOS 13 well and Apple Arcade gaming when the former goes into beta next week and both go into general release this fall.

iPod touch 7: More storage

You can also get up to 256 GB of storage now, so beyond the games, if you want to use iPod touch for music or video, including the TV apps ability to download shows, and the upcoming TV+, you'll be able to store more of it than before.

iPod touch 7: Colors

Colors include pink, silver, space gray, gold, blue, and product red anodized aluminum, with white face plates on all of them except for the space gray.

iPod touch 7: That's it!

And that's about it. No Touch ID or Face ID, which means no Apple Pay. No 4.7-inch or bigger display. No A12 processor or neural engine. No iPhone-class camera systems front or back. No Liquid Retina LCD or OLED display with True Tone or ProMotion.

Literally none of the high-end bells and whistles Apple's introduced to the iPhone and iPad product lines over the last few years. Just the barest bones necessary to run iOS 12 well, and iOS 13 and the next few updates into the future.

In other words, if you already love the iPod touch, this update will let you keep on loving it for a few more years.

"Minimal viable update" is what I'd call it.

iPod touch 7: Should you buy?

Pricing starts at $199 for 32 GB and goes up to $299 for 128 GB and $399 for 256GB. If you want Apple Care, that an extra $199 for the additional two years coverage.

And that still makes it the absolute lowest cost of entry for access to the iOS App Store and Apple services like News, iMessage, and FaceTime, and the upcoming Arcade and TV+.

Should you get one? If you were more interested in an iPhone or iPad before, there's nothing here to change your mind. If you were looking to buy an iPod touch already, you can now get more power and more storage for your buck.

Orders are open now and it'll be in store or at your door later this week.

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