Ipod 2021 ConceptSource: Andrea Copellino

What you need to know

  • Apple's first iPod was announced in October 2001 and it's closing in on its 20th birthday.
  • This new concept imagines what an iPod could look like if it was announced today.
  • The concept shows a click wheel, metal sides, and no headphone jack.

Apple announced the very first iPod on October 23, 2001, which means it's coming up to its 20th anniversary. Ignoring how old that makes us all feel for a moment, wouldn't it be great if Apple released an updated version of the classic MP3 player by way of celebration? It would — and it would be even better if it looked anything like this new concept.

Created by Andrea Copellino, the iPod 2021 concept looks stunning. Beyond stunning, in fact. With stainless steel sides and a glass back to allow wireless charging, this is undoubtedly the best-looking iPod ever made. Or not made — whatever! It looks like an iPod crossed with an iPhone 13 which is surely the look Apple would go for. And yes, the click wheel is present and correct.

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Copellino does note that he gave the software a refresh because the original iPod's software is looking a little long in the tooth at this point. But there's one change that will surely be much more controversial.

This year, the iPod will turn 20, what if Apple made a new, redesigned iPod Classic to celebrate this 20th anniversary? Would that even make sense for them? Regardless, here's my Concept of an iPod for the year 2021, that follows Apple's new design aesthetic, has AirPods support, but misses one specific feature from the past

That missing feature is a headphone jack. Because it's 2021, of course, and AirPods are everywhere. Apple would very likely ask users to buy wireless earbuds in order to listen to their music — although as a 20th-anniversary product, would AirPods come in the box? Getting free AirPods would be the very best AirPods deal ever!

Regardless, all of this is make-believe and pretend — Apple isn't going to sell a 20th anniversary iPod. But it really should!