iPods reported to be downgraded to the accessory shelves in Apple Stores

The iPod may become a second class citizen in Apple's retail stores in the US. A new report claims that beginning August 26, all iPods in those stores will be moved from the main display area over to the accessory shelves.

According to 9to5Mac's unnamed sources:

Typically reserved for accessories like Apple Watch bands, headphones, and iPhone cases, Apple Store accessory walls will now be home to the recently-updated iPod line. Apple products, ranging from iPods to iPads to Macs, have typically been stored in the back of Apple Stores and brought to a customer upon the point of sale. Now, when a customer wants to buy an iPod, she or he can simply pull it off a shelf without needing to wait for the product to be brought from the back room.

In addition, the iPad 2-based Smart Signs, which are placed next to Macs, iPhones and the latest iPads in Apple Stores to show things like pricing and product information, will also be removed next week as well. Instead, the products themselves will display that information directly:

Some larger Apple Stores will retain a few Smart Signs as Apple conducts this transition. Sources say that, beyond the desire to feature more products on store tables and to replace the aging iPad 2s, Apple is removing Smart Signs because it found that the setup is confusing for some customers. Retail employees note that some customers were unaware that the Smart Signs were simply informational items and became confused when they could not fully use the device as a demo iPad.

Source: 9to5Mac

John Callaham

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  • Poor iPods, people still buy these things??, whats the point I have an iPod built in all three of my devices, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, Macbook Pro Retina.
  • Some people have families and kids (me). My two kids are under 10 and not getting an iPhone so the iPod is perfect for them. They can still "text" me and FaceTime when I'm away for work and they are cheaper and more portable than an iPad. So yes the market is certainly shrinking for these devices but there remains a valid use for them,
  • well if you just want an audio player to put in your pocket like then those items have drawbacks. Iphone 6 plus is huge, not pocketable fo many, and worse you're paying for cell service you don't need. the Ipad air is not pocketable, Mac book pro retina, Again. Not pocketable. Ipods are music players, they are the natural evolution of portable tape players, Sony Walkmans, Sony Discmans. It's not exactly convient to go jogging, lift weights, or listen to music while walking through target holding a macbook pro or an ipad air and headphones. I think to see the value you have to imagine more than your own uses, your own needs. People with kids may want a player but not want the added expense off monthly cell bill the small child wouldn't need. People that work out may want something small that's easy to use in an active setting. People that just want a music player to sit on a cradle in a room may not want another monthly cell bill. Oh and the most obvious one. Maybe people don't want an iphone and have a different brand phone but do still want an ipod. My bet friend has an ipod and a Nexus.
  • I just think the iPods are targeted for younger kids for them to use the Internet and download and play games
  • Went to a movie the other day and saw two ten year old kids with iPod Touches. They rarely get used for music, mostly games.
    Of course when I was ten, my friends and I used to entertain each other, but I digress. Sent from the iMore App
  • They're an almost perfect device for iOS developers too, who have something to install and test beta software (of their own apps as well as Apple's) without potentially nuking their everyday carry iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dick move, Apple. It's a device. As a result, it deserves to be on the showroom floor with the rest of the Apple devices.
    What are they planning on putting in its place? Apple Music? Hate to break it to them, but Apple Music has no physical form. Sent from the iMore App
  • *Didn't read the entire thing. I thought they'd be taking away their showroom displays and just put them on the accessory shelves. Sent from the iMore App