Why you want to see an updated iPhone SE in 2018

iPhone SE
iPhone SE (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

The iPhone SE was a phone that made a lot of people happy — whether it be for its size, it's classic design, or it's less expensive price tag.

My dad has been using the original SE now for more than a year. I was wondering if there is a new SE 2 expected to be released anytime in the near future. Was wanting to give him a gift for his birthday next year.


For some people, it's all about the size with iPhone SE.

Wonder how a small SE2 version of the iPhone X will look like. I am quite excited at the thought of it. Wonder if there are any renders in the wild.


While others say that even though they picked up the iPhone 8, they'd still be interested in a new iPhone SE. Even if it's in a new, iPhone X-style design.

I would want one myself even though I'm currently trying out a 8. I haven't heard any rumors so I don't know if this is actually happening at all.


Would you pick up an iPhone SE 2? What do you think?

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