Lots of people have happily speculated that a facial scanner (or an iris scanner) could be an integral and welcome part of the look, feel, and function of the iPhone 8, while others have voiced their unhappiness about this potential reality.


There seems to be more and more reports coming out online, about Touch ID. In particular, it might not be part of the iPhone 8 - of course, right now, no one knows for sure. However, some reports are stating that they, Apple, will move towards an iris/facial scanning option, over Touch ID. I guess with Apple trying to go 'button-less', this could be partly the reason. I don't know this for a...


Some say that, as nice as it would be, it might end up being more of a bit of a pain in the butt over time...

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I think it will be nice to have in addition to, I just see it being more of a hindrance than a time saver like touch ID. I just cannot see how it will be faster for things like apple pay than placing your finger on a home button. Maybe apple has figured this out, but will be interesting to see what they do unveil.


While others flat-out say it's not the right decision for Apple to make...


I don’t believe it’s fully the way to go yet. As usual, Apple likes to do sort of a trail run first. Maybe they’ll put it in the next iPhone as an added feature, but still have Touch ID. Yes, Apple you can argue that Apple doesn’t do something unless they can do it right (as others have said here already) but I think there’s still to many hurdles to overcome and it’s still too new of a...


But what do you think?

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