The iPhone 8 will support Qi wireless charging and because of that, Apple has made the back of the iPhone 8 all glass. Apple has stated it used the strongest glass they have ever put on a phone to date; however, glass is glass and it can still be scratched and scuffed. Cases are a great way to protect your iPhone 8 from breaking; however, it is possible that a case could interfere with the wireless charging feature.

One of the ways to protect the glass back of your iPhone 8 without hampering the ability to wireless charge is to get a skin. Here are some of our favorite skins you can find for the iPhone 8 right now.

NOTE: The iPhone 8 has the exact same dimensions as the iPhone 7, meaning you can use skins designed for the iPhone 7 just fine.

For the minimalist lover, has really thin, clear skins that will cover completely your iPhone 8.

That's right, not only can you get a skin to cover the back of your phone but also the screen as well. Plus, you can choose from glossy or matte finishes meaning you can choose how your iPhone 8 looks with the skin applied.

The skins start at $8.99, but they can cost you up to $11.99 depending on what finish and what cover (either front, back, or both) you choose.

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You've probably heard of dbrand before; after all there tagline is "we're literally everywhere", and it makes really beautiful skins for all sorts of phones, including the iPhone 8.

Not only will dbrand allow you to cover your phone in a skin, but it also has plenty of design options. You can get skins that look like wood, metal, or other designs. Plus, you can also get skins for the front of your phone, giving you the option of having a two-tone effect.

A back cover skin from dbrand for the iPhone 8 will cost you $9.95; if you choose to get the front covered as well, that will cost you $15.90.

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Much like its name implies, Slickwraps makes skins that cover your entire phone, not just the back.

The skins from Slickwraps should go on bubble-free, and if you ever choose to remove them, they won't leave any adhesive behind. Plus, if for any reason you screw up the installation, Slickwraps offers a 30-day "goof" policy, meaning it will send you a replacement if you need one.

Slickwraps comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. Everything from single solid colors, to various different textures like wood and metal. They even offer some super cool custom designs of movie characters and pop culture figures.

A Slickwrap will cost you $23; however, they do throw in a tempered glass screen protector which will drastically decrease your chances of you scratching your screen.

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Will you be getting a skin for your iPhone 8?

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