Join the Discussion: Wireless charging + the new iPhone: How do you feel about it?

iPhone X wirelessly charging
iPhone X wirelessly charging (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

The new iPhones brought a ton of new features to the table, but one literally lets you charge your iPhone directly on the table without any pesky plugs or wires AKA the new wireless charging mats.

There have been a couple of rumors swirling around the new iPhone: more specifically, potential wireless charging capabilities! Is this a particular feature that you're excited about, or would you rather opt for the classic way of charing your iPhone? Is there a maybe another rumor that you're expecially excited about regarding the new iPhone? What to you think?! :huh::confused::yes:

Cella Lao Rousseau

Some people say that the option is super nice, but that it depends on if the speed of the mat while charging an iPhone is still up-to-snuff and not sluggish:

The wireless charging is nice, but it would nice if the rumors that it’s only half the speed of other wireless chargers I would be a little disappointed. For other rumors I’m excited about? Maybe the more recent rumor that the new longer power button will be a multi purpose button for Siri and camera shutter controls.


While others plan on picking up several different types of charging mats for the home, their office, and when they're on the go!

I've been very excited about this option. I plan on having several as well... for home, work and my "go bag" so that I can use one in other places. I am still undecided about which one to buy. Because I want to buy several, I'm looking for affordability, but I also want quality. I from what I've read, I "think" I only want to purchase only qi certified! Since I'm not getting a new phone until...


But what about you?!

Hop on into the iMore forums today and join the discussion over whether wireless charging has your heart singing, or if you'd just prefer to simply plug on in as usual.

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