Shacarri RichardsonSource: Beats by Dre

What you need to know

  • Kanye West's new album will be streamed exclusively on Apple Music this Thursday.
  • The announcement was made by Apple in a Beats trailer starring Sha'Carri Richardson and its new Studio Buds.

Apple Music will host a live stream of Kanye West's new Album 'DONDA' on Thursday, as announced in a new trailer starring Sha'Carri Richardson and Apple's new Beats Studio Buds.

The video features Kanye West's new track No Child Left Behind, and Richardson sporting a pair of red Beats Studio Buds. The video's caption states "Sha'Carri doesn't need you to let her do anything."

The video concludes with details of a listening event for West's new album Donda, hosted on Apple Music this Thursday at 8 PM ET.

Apple recently released new Beats Studio Buds that are targeted more universally at users beyond Apple's ecosystem, boasting decent sound quality but no H1 or W1 chip for seamless pairing on both iOS and Android. From our review:

Now, I don't self-identify as an audiophile, and I clearly value convenience as much as I do quality, or I'd be plugging wired into a DAC and carrying it all around in a Ghostbusters-style backpack behind me. But they sound crisp and clean even at higher volume levels and as good as almost any wireless headset I've ever used… with the exception of probably the AirPods Pro and certainly the AirPods Max.

Beats-branded buds

Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds

Totally wireless from Beats

Beats Studio Buds feature active noise cancellation, USB-C charging, choice of white, black, or red, and up to 8 hours of battery life.

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