Keychron M1 MouseSource: Keychron

What you need to know

  • Keychron has announced its first mouse, moving beyond keyboards as it does it.
  • The new M1 mouse is designed to be light and comes in two colors.

Keychron is a company known for making some excellent mechanical keyboards but now it's trying something new — say hello to the new M1 Ultra-Light Optical Mouse. The new mouse comes in black and white colors and is wired, so those who want the minimal aesthetic are out of luck here. The mouse comes with a detachable USB-C cable instead.

Except, not entirely. You could argue that the M1's use of materials is minimal thanks to the holes all over its body. That's a move that's designed to reduce the weight of the mouse, and based on similar options I've used in the past, it'll likely work pretty well. The whole thing weighs just 68g.

Keychron says the M1 is all about speed, too. It features a "professional-grade sensor," for example. And its flexible braided cable definitely looks good on a desk, too.

Keychron M1 Mouse BlackSource: Keychron

We are so excited to introduce the Keychron M1 mouse to you. M1 mouse is equipped with the most competitive grade sensor chip and professional gamer level feedback speed. This mouse is built to be lighter, faster, and more accurate.

Fans of RGB are in luck, with five RGB lights ready to match your mood at any moment. There are programmable buttons as well, giving you some customizability for any specific workflows you might have in mind.

In terms of pricing, Keychron is selling its new M1 mouse for $39 and you can place your order today. This might be one of the best Mac mouses around, if you're someone who likes wired, light input devices at least.

Looking for a flash keyboard to pair your new mouse with? The excellent Keychron Q1 is a good place to start!