Keychron Q3 Tkl KeyboardSource: Keychron

What you need to know

  • The Keychron Q3 is now available for order with prices beginning at $154.
  • The Q3 comes in three colors and can be ordered with or without switches and keycaps.

Say hello to the new Keychron Q3, a mechanical TKL keyboard that gives you more room to breathe. More space to spread out into, if you will, than the Q1 and Q2 offerings. Like those keyboards, this new keyboard is still a premium product complete with QMK firmware support and more.

The Q3 is larger thanks to its tenkeyless (TKL) layout and there's an aluminum construction and gasket-mounted design that will be familiar to those who have checked out the Keychron Q1 or Q2.

As you might expect, the switches can be swapped out and you can choose from Gateron G Pro Blues, Reds, and Browns out of the gate. You'll get the option of buying a barebones version as well, should that be your preference.

The Q3 is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard to push your typing experience to the top. With the classic tenkeyless layout, full aluminum CNC machined body, double-gasket design, and QMK/VIA support, the Q3 is designed for premium typing comfort and endless possibility.

Prices start at $154 for the barebones version — the one where you'll need to provide your own keycaps and switches. Things can go from there if you want to start adding bits and bobs and there's a re-programmable knob that can be added to both the barebones and assembled versions of the Q3, too.

The Q3 will no doubt wind up being one of the best Mac keyboards around for those who want something larger than the standard fare and you can place an order for one of your very own now. All you need to do is pick which color you want — Carbon Black, Silver Gray, or Navy Blue.