Keynote, part of the iWork suite of office and productivity apps for iPhone and iPad, is Apple's entry into the presentations software space, and most impressively — the one used by the late Steve Jobs himself. With Keynote you can make presentations for work or for school, for conferences or for pitches, for conceptual design or story boarding of any kind, and much, much more.

Part of what makes Keynote appealing over other presentation apps are the wealth of professional and modern templates and transitions it houses. The iPhone and iPad versions are easy to use and allow anyone to create a great looking presentation in very little time. Regardless what your presentation needs are, odds are you'll find something suitable for your project in Keynote.

iCloud users can sync their Keynote documents between iPhone, iPad, and with Keynote for Mac, as well as share and collaborate online via iWork on iCloud on You can start a presentation on your iPad and pick up right where you left off on your Mac. No folders to weed through and organize, iCloud puts all your iWork documents where they need to be.

When it comes time to share your presentation with others, you can save in many different formats including .ppt and .pptx so anyone using Microsoft Office won't have compatibility issues. The opposite holds true as well and Keynote users can open Microsoft PowerPoint documents just as easily. Export to PDF is also supported. For those that are not completely sold on Keynote for iPad just yet, give Office for iPad a hard look too before deciding which one is right for your needs.

Keynote is $4.99 but is made free to any new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad owner.

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