Kingdom Hearts Unchained X tips and tricks: Defeat the Heartless with one blow!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is based on a version Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts video game series originally playable only in Japan. In the storyline, it is a prequel adventure. In it, you can go on quests, level up your Keyblade, unlock new and more powerful medals, which you can evolve, and unlock special outfits for your avatar to wear.

There is a whole lot to learn in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, but we can get you started on the path to glory with these great tips.

Backup to Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you can link it and save your game data just in case you have to delete the Kingdom Hearts game or switch devices. You'll need to connect your account, and be logged into Facebook within the game, before you delete it. After you reinstall the game, though, you'll be able to migrate the data during the installation process and your saved game will be waiting for you.

It's something every Facebook users should do!

Explore everything

On each Kingdom Hearts level, there are regular enemies and target enemies. As long as you don't begin a battle with a target enemy, you can explore the entire level, looking for treasures, munny, and Lux, which are experience points.

Some treasure chests yield Special Attack points, which help max out your gauge. Certain levels will start you off with zero Special Attack points, so these treasures can be a life saver.

Load up your Keyblade with same-attribute medals

At the beginning of each new world you visit, you're awarded a Keyblade, which is the weapon you use to defeat enemies. Your Keyblade can hold five medals (only three at first). Medals are used to strengthen your combat and each one has a Special Attack, usually to deal heavy damage or put the baddie to sleep or something.

As soon as possible, load your first Keyblade, the Starlight, with magic attribute medals because magic is stronger than power in this game.

Remember the following attributes:

  • Magic is stronger than power
  • Power is stronger than speed
  • Speed is stronger than magic.

Build keyblades that are loaded with specific attributes early on in order to defeat enemies with weaker ones. The first 14 levels have nothing but power creatures, so magic medals will work best against enemies.

Later, you'll want to mix up your Keyblades a bit, combining attributes, but always check to see what the target enemy's attribute is and use medals that are strong against it.

Level up medals regularly

It's important to level up medals as soon as you get compatible medals to do so. While in the Equipment section, tap on a Keyblade medal to see its stats. If it is not maxed out to its highest level, tap Level up to increase the strength, defense, and special attack value.

You will use medals you've earned by questing or ones you've purchased in the store to level up. Drag a medal from your bag to the leveling slot. You can only use medals that have the same attributes except Experience, Boost, Skill, and Cost medals, which can be used across all attributes.

The easiest way to level up a medal is to use the Optimize button. It will sort the available medals into their appropriate slot and all you have to do is tap the Level Up button.

Check between each level that you play to see if you can level up any medals (across all of your Keyblades). This will help ensure you are successful at completing new missions.

Level up regularly

You can strengthen your Keyblade by fusing certain materials to it. Materials are gathered during quests when you open treasure chests or pick up items along the way. As your Keyblade gets stronger, it becomes more difficult to find the materials you need, like Mythril shards and Orichalcum.

Check between quests regularly to make sure your Keyblades are leveled up as high as you can get it with your current materials

Evolve medals asap

Once a medal is at its maximum level, you can evolve it. But, you'll need special Evolve medals, which are not easy to come by. Evolve medals can be found in Special quests (like the Evolve Medals Special quest), which only happen once per week, or as rare drops when beating a Raid Boss. On very rare occasions, they've been known to appear in regular Story quests (but that is very rare).

Know when use 'em

You receive extra rewards for defeating all enemies in a quest with one turn each. This can be easy to do if you balance your Special Attacks and only use them when needed.

You start each quest with a specific number of Special Attack points, ranging anywhere from zero to a lot. It's important to keep track of Special Attack points and use them wisely.

If you defeat an enemy or group of enemies in a single turn, you'll earn extra Special Attack points, so it is always smart to try to kill them in one round.

Don't use Special Attacks on weaker enemies, like Shadow Heartless. Most of the time, in the first two dozen quests, you can save Special Attacks for the final target.

Some Heartless enemies, like the Tornado Step, can take a punch much harder and you will have to use a Special Attack to beat them in a single turn. You'll learn as you play which enemies will require a Special Attack and which ones you can defeat without wasting points.

When deciding which medal to use to perform a Special Attack, think about each medal's attack and how much it costs to use it. Some Special Attacks cost a lot of point and don't cause a lot of damage. If you are running low on points, don't use those Special Attacks.

Some medals don't cost very much at all, but have very high attack values. Use these to help defeat stronger enemies.

Choose your friends wisely

Before you start each quest, take one "Friend's" medal with you into battle. A list will appear on the right side of the screen and you get to pick which one you want to take. Check for attributes, Special Attacks, and strength. It would be better to take a medal that has a stronger attribute than the target enemy. But, it is also important to see what the Special Attack can do and how much it costs.

Party time

Parties are groups of real life players that come together to talk about the game and help each other out against Raid Bosses. Eventually, you'll want to join a party so you can get help against tough bosses.

You can potentially wait until you've completed the 15th quest before deciding which party to join. This gives you time to figure out what type of game style you want to be a part of; either Casual, Core, or Hardcore.

Replay levels

You can replay any quest for any reason, and it is a good idea to do so if you are stuck on current quests. When you replay a quest, you'll pick up materials and earn Lux, all of which helps you level up your character.

If you didn't complete all three achievements on a quest, replay it after you've leveled up or evolved your medals, strengthened your Keyblade, and unlocked new medal slots on a given Keyblade. Chances are, you will succeed where you failed last time.

Check Special quests

You can play the Kingdom Hearts in Story mode, or look up Special quests. These Special quests are only available on certain days, and some of them only pop up for an hour per day. So, be sure to check in daily (and every once in a while through out the day) to see if there is a Special quest you'd like to try out. Specials are harder. The enemy target is usually much higher level and achievements can be more complicated than simply defeating all enemies in one turn. They also cost a lot more AP, which is the energy you spend in order to play a level. Some Special quest APs are higher than the maximum APs you have. Don't worry, you'll earn more as you play.

Anything else?

Do you have any questions about getting started with Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ? Do you have some tips that would help out new comers? Tell all in the comments.

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