Leak claims huge iPhone 13 display upgrade will be limited to Pro models

Iphone 13 Bronze
Iphone 13 Bronze (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

What you need to know

  • A new leak claims the iPhone 13 will only feature LTPO and 120Hz displays on its Pro lineup.
  • Display analyst Ross Young made the remarks to correct some reports this would be limited to only one model.
  • It seems to indicate the 'regular' iPhone 13 will not get 120Hz technology.

A new report from display analyst Ross Young seems to indicate that rumored 120Hz display and LTPO technology will be limited to the iPhone 13 Pro when it is released later this year.

On Twitter, DSCC's Ross Young noted:

Heard some rumors in the industry and media that there would only be one LTPO model from Apple later this year. Can confirm that is not the case. Apple fans can relax!

Responding to questions, Young stated that two iPhone models, both of the 'Pro' versions, would feature LTPO technology. The news is crucial for iPhone 13 because of comments Young made in May of 2020 regarding the iPhone 12. Even though it's the best iPhone in recent memory, the iPhone 12 lacked a 120Hz display despite many rumors to the contrary. Young fervently stated (correctly as it turns out) that the iPhone 12 was not going to get a 120Hz display because it requires LTPO technology that was also not coming to the iPhone 12.

LTP who?

LTPO technology was introduced to Apple Watch to power Apple's always-on watch display. It enables a variable refresh rate on a device display to help reduce the impact of a higher refresh rate on battery life. In an iPhone, this might look like a much-reduced refresh rate when your iPhone is locked or in your pocket, only unlocking 120Hz when you need it. If Young is now saying LTPO is restricted to the iPhone 13 'Pro' models, he is also indicating that these are the only iPhones this year that will get a 120Hz display, because you can't have one without the other. (Yet)

The move does make sense in part, the iPhone this year is expected to be a more subtle 'S' upgrade, and 120Hz tech would provide a nice differentiator between the 'Pro' and 'regular' iPhones to justify the price gap between the two. For customers, it would mean the higher refresh rate will require purchasing a more expensive 'Pro' iPhone.

Apple's iPhone 13 is expected to debut in September of this year, and could also feature an under-display fingerprint scanner for Touch ID.

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