Leaks accurate, this is what the new iPhone will look like

iMore has learned that recent parts leaks and dummy phones are accurate representations of what the new iPhone (iPhone 5,1) will look like when Apple announces it on September 12, 2012. Almost identical in design to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the major visible differences will include a 4-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a metallic plate across most the back, a centered FaceTime camera on the front, and a miniaturized Dock connector and relocated 3.5mm headset jack along the bottom.

Apple originally prototyped a 3.5-inch and at least one 4-inch designs for the 2012 iPhone. iLounge accurately reported on one of the 4-inch prototypes back in May. iMore also learned that Apple would decide which prototype to go with sometime in July, and on July 17, the Wall Street Journal reported Apple had begun manufacturing. On July 30, iMore learned Apple had settled on September 12, 2012 for the iPhone 5 announcement event, which has since been confirmed by Apple. iMore has also reported that September 21 will be the U.S. iPhone launch day, with the second wave of launches currently scheduled for on or around October 5.

This information comes from sources who have been reliable in the past. While nothing is confirmed until Apple shows it off on stage, based on the parts, dummies, and other reports, it seems highly probable.

Leaks accurate, this is what the new iPhone will look like

There's too much to cover, so we'll sum up. On February 23, 2012, iMore learned Apple would be miniaturizing the Dock connector for the iPhone 5. On March 23, iMore learned Apple would be including LTE networking in the iPhone 5, as they had the new iPad. On May 11, iMore learned Apple would be trying to remove Google from the iPhone and iOS. On May 29, 9to5Mac posted images of the new, unibody back casing for the iPhone 5. On July 29 and July 30, many of the leaked parts that had been floating around were assembled and shown off in stills and on video.

A fully assembled iPhone 5 chassis was caught on camera on August 31, and a dummy unit, representing near-final hardware, was caught on video at IFA 2012 on September 1.

Conspiracy theories have been floated suggesting Apple is deliberately leaking false parts or a discarded prototype to create a bigger surprise come September 12. If that's the case, they're spending a lot of time, effort, and money, and doing it at an incredible scale. While Apple has over $100 billion in the bank and could do almost anything they want, they don't have any more time than anyone else, and it seems doubtful they'd waste what precious time they do have on on practical joke when there's so much for them still to do on the real product.

Just like last year when we tried to help set expectations before the iPhone 4S event, to the best of our knowledge everyone would be best served going into the September 12 event with their expectations set on the iPhone 5 you see above, and have seen leaked to date.

If anyone doesn't believe Apple would use a similar design to the 2010 iPhone 4 and the 2011 iPhone 4S, go back and look at the 2005 Project Purple prototype. Consider that Apple's current platonic ideal for how their phone should look and be built.

The iPhone design isn't fashion. Jonathan Ive has said repeatedly, it's function. It's iconic. It's a piece of industrial design rooted in Braun and Leica and Dieter Rams that could sit on any museum shelf. It's some of the best manufacturing ever seen in mobile, and it looks as good today as it did in 2005 and in 2010, and as any phone currently on the market. Apple isn't concerned with making the newest looking phone. They're concerned only with making the best phone.

Add a larger screen and a metal back, and shave off a few micro-milimeters from the existing iPhone design, and it would be hard to argue that's not just exactly what they're doing with the iPhone 5.

We'll find out for sure in one week's time.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • This has got to be the worst kept secret from Apple.
  • I agree
  • Really?! It's not supposed to be a secret. It's supposed to build anticipation to a fever pitch that will get lots of news and fanboys camping outside stores so even more people will buy them. Just telling people: "It will be the same, but a little bigger" would not be very exciting. Me, I want exciting!
  • What I want to know is where is the face sensor located.
  • I suspect Apple is intentionally allowing leaks to happen this time. Since the iPhone 5 isn't a dramatic redesign other than the aspect ratio, it makes sense to get people's expectations in check before they officially reveal it. We're not reading about lawyers and C&D's this time around. And it's not a coincidence.
  • WHY! would they put the headphone jack on the bottom?
  • Tim Cook will almost certainly explain why next week. That's such a big change that it's not going to be overlooked when he starts giving us the details
  • The new dock connector isn't as structurally strong as the old one, and the dock adapter will likely plug into the micro Dock connector as well as the headphone jack for increased stability. The last thing Apple wants is to have micro Dock connectors breaking off inside the phone itself.
  • You know this how? Oh, you don't know because you have never used it.
  • Duh!!! Take a second to think. When you hold your phone with the headphones in, typically the cord is in your way and you have to adjust it. If its at the bottom, it's never hanging in front of the screen. This is how the jack is on my Nexus, and it's actually great to be there. Also, why does it matter? You can't be that lazy that you don't want to relearn where to hook up your headphones?!
  • Always hated the cord getting in the way when typing.
  • When I mount the phone on a dock, it would be nice to have access to that headphone port, if I should need it.
  • If you are right handed like I am, you often rest the phone with the lower left corner in the meat of your palm, and operate the phone with your right hand. The new position of the headphone jack looks like it will get in the way of that.
  • The iPod Touch has always had the headphone jack on the bottom, which has never been a problem for me but to put it on the bottom for the iPhone after it always being on the top does have me kinda puzzled, unless the room was needed at the top for sometihing else I don't see why it was moved. The other thing I'm kinda puzzled with is the design choice, Why was the body style kept the same? I was hoping for something a little thinner or something to set it apart from the previous generations it pretty much going to be the 4/4s just with a longer screen and a metal plate on the back. :-( smh I'm really hoping this phone will have some feature that's exclusive to the new iPhone or I don't know what to do. Is it me or does it seem that a lot of the creativity went out the world with Steve Jobs passing away?
  • The iPhone is still the best looking phone out still even after two versions. iPhone 5 only improves on that by having a bigger screen thinner profile, faster processor, and and faster wireless radio and an improved OS It's excatly what you wanted you just don't realize it yet.
  • Actually this is the phone that Steven was working on until he passed.
  • Think about the way you take your phone out of your pocket, you always take out your phone with the bottom coming out first, now, imagine the headphones are plugged in a 4S, with the jack at the top, this means that you either have to deal with the cable being shortened by starting at the bottom of your pocket, or put your phone in your pocket with the top of your phone pointing upwards. By doing the later, you have to turn your phone the right way up every time, whereas with the jack on the bottom, you will simply be able to take your phone out normally and not have to rotate the phone in any way.
  • They have been doing this on iPod touches and iPods for years now. And to be honest with you it kinda makes sense to do this as your headphone cord will not be in the way of the screen. Don't matter to me as I use stereo bluetooth headsets.
  • Here is why I think the jack is on the bottom. When you put the phone into your pocket while the headphones are plugged in, you want the headphone jack pointing up. That way, there is no stress on the cord and connection. So, the phone will be upside down in your pocket. Now, if you reach into your pocket and grab the phone and bring it up to your face, it will automatically be right side up when you look at it. Try it out. The phone naturally wants to sit upside down in your pocket. So, it makes sense to put the jack on the bottom.
  • much like on the iPod Touch, it is to keep the headphones/ear buds out of the way when you are holding it. Rather than having the cord flopping around from the top (and then falling behind the iPhone or fumbling with it in front of the screen when you pull it out of your pocket), it will instead hang straight down from the bottom. This is one of the things I miss from when I owned an iPod Touch (i had one before I got my iPhone 3G many moons ago, lol). I am all for a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone, possibly leaves more room up top for larger camera sensors.
  • Because you put your phone in your pocket upside down. Because you don't want the cord dangling in the screen. Because when you have it on your dock, you're most likely playing music out loud, and if you're not, just plug in with the USB.
  • Because the new smaller dock connector is only digital so they need the 3.5" jack to connect to the adaptor so people's docks and music systems still work.
  • Exactly what I was thinking! I can't *stand it* when manufacturers put the headphone jack at the bottom. That's not how we use the phones!
  • I fail to see how "that's not how we use the phones". The iPod Touches have always had it at the bottom, and if you'll read the comments above yours, you'll see that it makes perfect sense. Maybe you put your phone in your pocket with the top sticking up, so that when you pull it out you have to flip it around, but I sure don't. This makes way, way, way more sense then having it out of the top.
  • It's like the iPod.. i think it's a better place ... if you put your new iphone in your pocket the headphone jack shall be most of the time on top - much easier i suppose :) www.iDevizes.com
  • "The iPhone design isn't fashion. Jonathan Ive has said repeatedly, it's function. It's iconic. It's a piece of industrial design rooted in Braun and Leica and Dieter Rams that could sit on any museum shelf. It's some of the best manufacturing ever seen in mobile, and it looks as good today as it did in 2005 and in 2010, and as any phone currently on the market. Apple isn't concerned with making the newest looking phone. They're concerned only with making the best phone." That paragraph just about sums it up for all the whiners who want a new radical design just for design's sake.
  • +1
  • Totally agree.
  • Everything you have just said is marketing speak - please wash your mouth out.
  • Why is good design suddenly a bad thing? "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." —Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Truth.
  • I think it'll be different from the 4/4S in the same way the ipad 2 was from ipad one. Thinner. And for a hand held device, that thinness will be a striking difference. For a screen already best in class (ppi), it'll still retain that title. In-cell technology will eliminate a sheet of glass which should make for an even clearer, sharper screen and a more responsive one. I'd expect LTE, updated processor, upgraded camera, double the RAM, and wireless charging. Anything else would be a bonus for me. The only real concern is how apps will be handled that may not be updated for weeks.
  • Actually HTC Rezound holds the reign of highest ppi @ 345 on a 4.3' display. It's quite beautiful & a mystery why HTC neglected to market it focusing on Beats Audio instead.
  • BB10 356 ppi on the full touch
  • Is that a real device? Can it be bought now? No? Moving on.
  • It's on the dev alpha devices that have been issued to developers
  • Oh so it will never see the light of day...because RIM will be dead by then.
  • Yeah I'm trying to figure out what bringing a dev device, that consumers can't & won't be able to get, from an as yet non existent operating system had to do with this. *scratches head* Oh well, moving on.
  • People need to get off the rim will die so no one will see bb10 bandwagon, it will be released and its success/failure on release will either be positive or negative on rim.
    The thought behind bringing up the dev alpha and bb10 is that it will have a higher pixel density than most other smartphones like the dev alpha already. I do think that the new iphone 5 will have a upgraded screen res to accomodate the new iphone, it would be really stupid if it doesn't and would drop the ppi. I still don't see the sense in making it longer and not wider at the same time its just going to be a slightly thinner longer iphone 4/s. It will be top heavy when typing in portrait and if you switch to the side there's just no roomon the screen to see much. The sgsiii, note (2), and xperia v (supposedly waterproof) look like better alternatives for a current smartphone in that size based on the looks of it. I'd rather wait for the actual release and see how it feels in the hand but just by the looks it doesn't seem that great.
  • Don't forget the incredible panel on the One X. Not the highest density, but it's easily one, if not the, best mobile phone display.
  • Agreed. HTC has been on a roll with some damn fine displays since late last yr. Yet strangely it's been Beats Beats Beats & more Beats from their marketing.
  • Not a fan of the phone...BUT WOW WHAT A DISPLAY. HTC X 0ne has the best mobile screen I have ever seen!
  • I think we are quite far to know how the next iphone ( iphone 5) will look like ! and if it happens to be the next iphone then apple has fail, cuz i can't think of a larger iphone but not wider?
  • I agree taller but not wider???
  • I am going to laugh SOO hard when its something completely unexpected..just like when everyone thought the 5 turned out to be the 4S
  • Laugh all you want. The mostly trusted iMore (tipb at the time) predicted rightfully weeks before 4S announcement that there wouldn't be an iPhone 5 last year ;)
  • I hope you're wrong. If not, I'll simply upgrade from a 4 to a 4s.
  • Everyone? Who thought they'd get an iPhone 5 last year? I can already tell you, you're not going to get an iPhone 6 next year. You'll get an upgraded iPhone 5. A 5s, perhaps? Apple has been releasing their phones in 2 year cycles since the dawn of the iPhone 3G.
  • You have been calling these rumors for a few months Rene so nice work. This iPhone I'll have to put in my hand & get a feel for. I could never use a 3.5" screen after getting adjusted to 4"+ for the last several yrs. Keep the info coming. The Verge & other sites are still playing catch up.
  • I don't think the iPhone needs to change, it can focus on streamlining the experience. I am a relatively new convert, as my name would suggest. But my iPhone though more boring than previous devices, looks solid, works like a charm ( more than can say for my past devices) I don't want useless widgets ( my agenda shows up well in my notifications menu, along with my reminders) I don't want to see the hour twice on the same page, I just want a perfect system that works flawlessly, or close to it in a device that is manageable, easily accesible quality app in no more than 4 inches in my opinion. Anything bigger, well I bought a new iPad for that. Don't even get me started on how much I love the thing.
  • This information, if true, solidifies my decision to purchase the new iPhone.
  • Am I the only one who's disappointed ?!
    Don't get me wrong , I've been looking forward to iPhone 5 since last year but I was hoping for a " WOW HOLY SHlT , IPHONE 5" design , not a stretched iPhone 4/4s :-(
  • I'm right there with you. And next year will be the "s" version of the iPhone 5 so we are looking at another 2 years before we could potentially get something jaw-dropping.
  • That means one year, not two.
  • He said if they come up with 5s next year we would have to wait two years for a real revamped phone , iPhone 6 , 2014 ;)
  • If this turns out to be the new iPhone then I will join you cause I was hoping for a redesign not basically a stretched out iPhone 4/4s with a metal slab on the back but at the end of the day I probably will just settle and go for the 5 :-(
  • Last year I broke down and got caught up in the Siri hype and got the 4S. This year it's different. iOS 6 will run just fine on my 4S , so Apple has to come up with something very unique inside the iPhone 5 to really get me convinced. Plus this year really really curious about the Nokia 920 ( being announced tomorrow ) and I will have to make a pros & cons list of both phones to finalize my decision. I really hope Apple blows us away next week and gives us that same feeling when we saw the very first iPhone !
  • Beshad, Have you tried an Android device yet? Sorry if this is taboo for speaking about this on an iPhone forum. I've been an iPhone user since the original all the way up the 4S. I recently sold my 4s in preparation for the iPhone 5. I had about one month interim to try other devices. I went with the Galaxy S3. What an awesome device. A fresh UI, widgets, the notification system, and "the back button." I appreciated the larger screen of the S3. I decided why not try something even larger....so I went with the Galaxy Note. And I love it! The size is awesome. It maybe hard to use in one hand but browsing the web, internet, etc. on the larger screen is like having a small ipad or I should say galaxy tab in your pocket. I will note that there is a slight slight delay in the touch screen when compared to Apple's devices. Android supposedly fixed that in Jelly Bean. I'm also excited to hear what Nokia and Microsoft have planned. Sometimes you just want something different. It's like eating a good piece of steak......it's great...I love it....but sometimes you just want something else ;)
  • Yes I like the Galaxy S3 and was really close to get one but the Nokia/MS Win8Mobile tease along with iPhone 5 hype prevented me from pulling the trigger.
    Apple needs to break out of their icon mold and come up with something fresh like Galaxy.
    Tomorrow is the day that will bring me one step closer to my final decision :)
    Thanks for the info my friend !
  • I will most likely go with the 5 too i don't really like the news, but i still have to see the phone in person, but one of the main reasons i choose Apple over other manufacturers is because of their excellent customer service and the quality materials they use. really love my iPhone 4s just feels so right in hand after GS2 and Gnex. so yeah I will go with the iPhone 5.....
  • Agree, I gave my wife my iPhone4, and I got myself a Verizon Galaxy S3
    Once I saw all the stories about the screen only going from 3.5 to 4 inches.
    I said the heck with it. I'm loving my S3 but I will keep a close eye
    on the iPhone5 for sure. Those darn apple products. They tend to grow on you.
  • Why did they choose to increase the length of the screen and not the width,I'm sure the wider screen would mean more room inside the slab to add more things like a bigger battery maybe or even nfc
  • Simple , cause Jobs isn't around anymore to smack them around and tell them " WTH you thinking , that's unacceptable , fix it now "
  • nfc has no use at all and the 4S already has it.
  • You're too drunk from the Koolaid ! iPhone 4S has NFC ?!
    Even 5 doesn't seem to have it based on recent rumors.
    Do you even know what NFC is ?!
    While not as useful right now , it's part of the future of our cash handling ;)
  • Looooooooool no, sorry you have been reading the ......no I'll not be rude
    No the iphone 4s does not have NFC and apparently it does not exist on the iphone (5,1) according to the article written by Rene. Also NFC (near field communication)is not just for mobile payments its also for close / Contact transfer of data like files, pictures, music simply by tapping 2 NFC enabled devices together.
  • That longer screen looks ridiculous, it needs to be wider to make that work. I don't even use it in landscape, unless I watch a quick video. Shame on them if that's the next revolutionary model. Note 2 here I come baby
  • OMG Fail. WP8 it is then.
  • If this iPhone 4 rehash is the iPhone 5, I'm disappointed. Cook definitely has no mojo. You can count on the iPhone 5S to be as much of a disappointment, accept it will at least finally have a quad core processor with LTE, whereas I predict this iPhone 5 will only have dual core clocked perhaps a bit higher than the 4S. YAWN. Hail to the ex Chief.
  • This is extremely stupid looking
  • pos
  • Can we start speculating on the 2014 release of IPHONE SIX ? :-) lol
  • Does anybody think they will make it in that awesome maroon color?? Thats the one thing i have been seeing but not hearing about lately. I want that maroon!!
  • Sorry Renee I still say this will NOT be the new phone design. And I am sticking to what I said when this prototype came out. If by some chance I am wrong I will admit it.
  • I would hope you'd admit it if they show the iPhone 5 next week and it looks like the pic above. Only a fool would say " no that's not it" AFTER the announcement lol
  • This is what I have been saying. ;)
  • Props to Rene and everyone at iMore for nailing down so many early details about the next generation iPhone! Even though nothing is set until announces reveals the new iphone, every thing iMore has been reporting is looking pretty spot on :)
  • Nerds have always been happy with an extra half-inch... The design was great on the iPhone 4 and then 1.5 years later on the iPhone 4S. Now it's been 2.5 years and what do we get... half an inch. I'm not sure if it will be the Samsung Note 2 or the S3, but if this is the iPhone 5, I'll be leaving a rotting Apple behind.
  • This phone leaked out more than all the other iPhones combined!
  • This phone leaked out more than Clint Eastwood's Depends !! lol
  • If this is what the new iPhone will look like then I don't really care any more about the look of the next phone. I stand corrected if Apple has an ideal structure and look of what their phone should look like and I rather get iPhone 4s. If that is the new iPhone 5 I think it looks unattractive. Although with their billions, they would have gotten an idea that the majority of people wanting something attractive would then deny Apple and would risk investments. I do then think that there is now a bigger possibility that Apple actually has a surprise for us all. The new iPhone 5 should now look much more attractive. If not, then Apple, please make the new iPhone like the 4s but with better hardware...
  • I didn't know a writer could pat himself on the back that many times in one blog post. Congrats on that...I guess... As for the phone, it's hideous. That long skinny 16:9 aspect ratio is awful. I suggest people look at the HTC Incredible which was available on Verizon. It looked dorky as hell too. And I don't think it sold all that will, either. That iPhone 5 depiction in the photo is the dorkiest looking phone in the lineup, bar none. Nearly every non-Apple tech blog online in the last several days reported on the study that indicated the masses want large screen smart phones. Globally, all brands and all models, they sell in the tens of million, if no hundreds of millions. That's why Android now has the global market lead in smart phones. And this pathetic looking thing is Apple's answer? They are already losing ground in a few foreign markets, and have come to near stand still status in others. This won't help. I was unimpressed with the 4S update, so I kept my iPhone 4. I don't see this making me want to hurry for an upgrade either. Sad. I have one week to hope all this is proves to be wrong information.
  • I agree with you. I also think the iphone 4s looks cute now. I mean it's not fair. If this is truly Apples "iPhone 5" then I am just upset about the whole thing. They should be fined for not meeting consumer's demands and only caring about themselves. Like they play this God complex like: Well if we make it they are gonna buy it anyway." They don't consider what people want only what people should "by cojones" buy.
  • If you are concerned how the phone looks and not how it enhances your life, then by all means, move along. The same things were being said about the first leaks of the 4 form factor and now it is widely considered as the most distinctive look in the smart phone industry. Only Nokia has stepped up their game in terms of distinctive and unique designs. Apple made a design decision to go with the 16:9 form factor so not to tear apart the existing software ecosystem. Apps will continue to run without issue with some needing to be modified to specifically take advantage of the new screen real estate. I for one have always said a larger screen wasn't the most important factor in choosing a smartphone. If it was, I would have kept the Samsung Focus I had as a second phone. The new design will take some getting used to, but you can be assured of one thing, it will be of the highest quality and will continue to be an iconic look that defines iPhone.
  • "The new design will take some getting used to" Are you crazy? Thats kool aid talk, although unintended I hope. You should not as a consumer ever have to say that, you're paying for the product they better damn well offer good quality products and they should meet your needs not the other way around. But if you don't likethe design of the new one you can keep your iphone 4/s and upgrade to ios6
  • This is Tim Cook doubling down on secrecy? Now we know he can't be trusted.
  • I think what Apple is doing here makes sense. People and their attention spans have to get a grip. It wasn't too long ago that people kept phones for multiple years. Hell, it wasn't TOO long ago that cell phones didn't exist. Why would Apple make drastic, wholesale changes to a form factor that obviously works? Same thing with iOS: why go away from the familiarity and ease of use that has garnered them millions of users, from toddlers to seniors? You SAY you want these jaw-dropping designs, but whenever any of those mockups are posted with some genuinely innovative ideas, the forums go crazy with hate, insults, and cartoon-like death threats. I thought an increase in size in both directions was the logical choice, but evidently Apple believes that, for how their users utilize their phones, stretching the screen a bit was the best option. Anyone wanna bet against it selling in the tens of millions in the first quarter alone? Didn't think so. I look at the 4S... it is a phone superior to the iPhone 4 in just about every way. So why the bitching? Simple, it doesn't look different. And this one won't look different ENOUGH. Some of these superficial customers (millions of you) are less concerned with having the best device possible, and instead want a device that, upon first glance, can easily be identified as being the newest out - which, in turn, makes the owner "cool" I guess. And that's fine. I'm just glad Apple isn't catering to that segment. Will the new iPhone (I still say that's the naming scheme they should go with, although I understand there are more models of the phone out in use than there were iPads - less confusion) be the best smartphone available? That remains to be seen. Will it be the best iPhone to date? Without question.
  • Well put
  • Agreed.
  • 4 inches? Really? Sorry that is not acceptable. They won't lose a lot of fans but they will lose some that's for sure. I know a lot of people that are waiting for a larger screen I think 4 inches would have been the sweet spot a year ago for them.
  • That's what she said lol
  • *like*
  • I guess I'm going back to my Motorola Razr.
  • That phone is an ugly tall boy.
  • You got these "it's what's on the inside" people talking again. That's not what it's ALL about. If these are what it will look like, then it seems apple already changed it enough to where ALL my cases for the 4S won't fit. All that money wasted for half an inch. Why when they could of made it wider and taller at 4.3"-4.5"?? I'd have to get new cases anyways might as well make it worth the while! If it's only on the inside that counts then why the hell even change the damn shape and size at all?!? It's stupid. And frankly, i think these pics are WRONG and trust me I WILL admit if I am wrong next week, right after I buy a Samsung :D
    I think this is all to stir the pot up, OR Rene really thinks he "figured it out" (awesome...)
    Think about it, there are MULTIPLE prototypes out there right now, and if you go to www.iphone-developers.com and scroll down a day or two ago there is a video of a WORKING iPhone 5 prototype with serial number XXXXXXXXX on the back and it has a black matte finish and it's not two tone. They can make ANYTHING in china it's easy for them, u can actually buy an "iPhone 5" dummy there for €6. SO- WE WILL FIND OUT NEXT WEEK ....plz Tim, if u can hear this, make us say WOW again ...not "cool..."
  • You're complaining about your 4s cases not fitting the new design and a couple of sentences later you mention buying a Samsung? Interesting.
  • I'm saying IF APPLE is gonna change the design, might as well make it worth while! I was figuratively speaking I didn't mean I was literally upset my cases won't fit the next iPhone , I'm saying I'm gonna have to buy new cases regardless because I am getting a new phone no matter what, so I might as well get an S3 or HTC one X instead of a small .5" increase in screen size.
  • Im sorry, but you my friend.....are a moron.
  • Dammit the thing that really gets me pissed off is not that they got lazy and made this half assed design but the fact is........ Im going to start developing mid/late next year and i HAVE to buy one.
    If this is truly the iphone 5 design they do not deserve my money..... but will get it anyway because of the career choice ive chosen..... What a load of dog sh!t
  • You can always Develop for BB10 if you don't want to develop for iOS ;) ...BB10
    Windows 8
  • Its a pity that apple has failed to innovate yet another year, so much so, apple fans have to be debating among themselvses about the placement of the 3.5mm jack. This is very disappointing. I find that a company that cannot inspire a new look, a radical shift, a move forward in design asthetics doesnt deserve my money. Its very pleasing to see samsung atleast attempt to give users something new with every generation of their phones. Hell even RIMs bold line come with something better every generation. And no the iphone isnt perfection, it is iconic, but in its third year with barely any change.... Its rather boring. Some reason i cannot reply to a naive isheep up top...but Apple has not "retain the title" in regards to ppi. A quick wiki search will show you how painfully confortable they have become. I see you were corrected tho.. The HTC rezound holds the title... And thats if you disregard the BlackBerry Dev Alpha at an astounding 356 ppi.
  • "I find that a company that cannot inspire a new look, a radical shift, a move forward in design asthetics doesnt deserve my money." They did that...when they released the original iPhone. When you design something that well the first time, what you don't do is throw it out wholesale every few years just because. You continue to refine it, making adjustments here and there to continue to move it forward.
  • AMEN.
  • Cant wait for iPhone 5!
  • So is "the second wave of launches currently scheduled for on or around October 5." referring to the UK & Europe release date?
  • Dude I can hardly wait! This is gonna be good! Wow. www.Anon-IP.tk
  • Still not convinced. There is a cottage industry devoted to perpetuating false rumors. If this is the design, Im shocked and disappointed. Shocked that Apple security could have fallen this far this fast and disappointed if that is the design. I wasn't hoping for a radical redesign, but that screen is not what I was looking for. The 3.5 inch screen is too narrow and Apple didn't address it. Just making it longer? Fail if its real, which I dont think it is.
  • Nothing personal but I find your very first line of description not only wrong but kind of offensively so. You say "Almost identical in design to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S" when I think you actually mean "similar in outside appearance." The new iPhone design is very, very, *different* in many ways from the iPhone 4 and 4s while it retains a visual similarity to the previous design. The chassis is a completely different "unibody"design using carved steel whereas the old design has simply a steel band around the middle. The old design is a sandwich arrangement of glass panels whereas the new one is a metal container of sorts with all the parts screwed to the inside surface. What something looks like is not the same as it's design. Design is about how something is made, not just superficial appearance. I just find it really, really, RUDE and annoying that you actually refer to this as "identical in design." It's not true at all.
  • Its the exact same look, exact same appearance outside, the build is different.
  • It's half true. There's visual design and industrial design, and the visual design is the same.
  • I think it looks perfect and I cannot wait to own one. I have no problem handing over, what I'm speculating to be, $750 for a 32GB version. I don't think Jobs would construct something that people would be disappointed with...
  • Apple doesn't need to keep their hardware designs secret any more. Not after the Samsung ruling. Lulz.
  • OR, the entire episode of rumors and speculation is a disinformation campaign in fact created by Apple to mislead us into expecting less when they are going to actually deliver an iPhone 5 that says "WOW". I just can't believe the actual design would leak out and parts would suddenly appear and Apple wouldn't deploy legal and security with website take down demands. It's just a marketing ploy. A trick. It HAS to be. I'm not spending a single penny on a phone that pretty much looks the same as my iPhone 4S. I'll take the iOS 6 upgrade and not miss anything if these rumors turn out to be true.
  • Wait a second. I'm an iPhone owner but this is it? And yet investors punish Nokia for their phone, which in my eyes (as of now) is definitely a wow in comparison. Wireless charging, NFC, image stabilization, night photos, 4.5 screen, higher PPI, same kernel across multiple platforms, etc, etc. If this is all Apple has then I'm sorry, but I'm glad my contract ends this year. I'm a gadget freak and I'm actually excited to play with one of these bad boys (nokia 920). I hope I'm wrong and that the rumors are just that, rumors. If not then I'm just going to have to thrown in the towel on iPhone. :(
  • yeah, nokia has "image stabilization"
  • Ugly!
  • BORING!!!
  • Check the pictures here: iPhone 5 will be more like a phone and that is a good thing.
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