Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Champion Ballad Expansion Pack 2 is out now!

At the 2017 Game Awards, Nintendo announced that the much-anticipated second part of the Champion Ballad expansion is now available on the Nintendo Switch. It was also announced that Link's new transportation is ... wait for it ... a motorcycle.

Its official name is Master Cycle Zero and it's basically Link's "Divine Beast." If you've played the game, you know that all four of the champions had a divine beast to help them defeat the evil that has infected Hyrule. Link didn't seem to have his own Divine Beast, but I guess it turns out it's a freaking motorcycle.

In the second expansion, players will delve deeper into Links past to find out more about the four champions before the 100-year slumber.

If you've purchased the Expansion Pass, the update is already available for you to continue the adventure if you've gotten that far. If you're buying the DLCs separately, you can get it on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Just search for Legend of Zelda and you'll find it.

Lory Gil

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