Mac audio graphing tool FuzzMeasure updated to version 4 with over 50 new features

FuzzMeasure, a tool for audio professionals that allows them to produce detailed graphs of audio and acoustic measurements, has been updated to version 4 today with a new graphing system, new publishing features, and new licensing options.

FuzzMeasure has picked up a ton of new features in version 4, but one of the big highlights is that the application will now let users combine graphs:

FuzzMeasure 4 allows users to combine any of its 18 powerful graphs with any other—enabling thousands of different ways to visualize measurements in ways that were never before possible. Even FuzzMeasure's more advanced Waterfall and Reverberation Time (RT60) graphs can now be viewed and printed alongside the others.

In addition to the ability to combine graphs, the look and feel of FuzzMeasure 4 has been updated for OS X Yosemite, while the program has picked up more than 50 new features, including all new graphs, autosave and document versioning support, new image exporting options, and much, much more. Perhaps one of the coolest parts about this update is that a lot of the new features were developed by FuzzMeasure's single developer with Apple's year-old programming language, Swift.

Finally, FuzzMeasure now has two licensing options. For personal use, you can pick the program up for $100, while a commercial license will run you $500. If you're interested in FuzzMeasure 4, you can check it out, along with full rundown of the crazy number of new features, from the source links below.

  • $100 (personal), $500 (commercial) - Buy Now

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster