M2 Mac Mini reviews are in — here's what people are saying

Apple Mac mini M2
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The new Mac Mini with M2 is here, and the reviews of the new machine are rolling in thick and fast. Looks like initial impressions are good, with reviewers loving the new lower price and the new chips.

Here are some of the latest opinions on the latest Mac Mini, and whether you should buy one. Want to preorder one just before the release date? We know the best places to preorder the Mac Mini M2. Thinking about one of the new MacBooks instead? Here are some of the latest reviews on the M2 MacBook Pro.

Tom's Guide

The Tom's Guide review gives the machine four and a half stars, with reviewer Alex Wawro commenting on the power, size, and price. Wawro isn't a fan of the upgradability or repairability of the machine, given its restrictions. He details the performance gains of the new chips, as well as the WiFi upgrades. He finishes the review by saying:

"While you can get better raw performance out of a Mac desktop if you splurge for a Mac Studio with M1 Ultra or an old-fashioned Mac Pro, both of those options will cost you several thousand dollars more than a fully upgraded Mac mini M2 Pro. They're great PCs for those that need (and can afford) them, but for most of us the new Mac mini M2 seems like a solid deal that delivers power and versatility at a great price."

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The Verge

The Verge compares the Mac Mini to the M1 model that came out in 2020 with the M1 chip, as well as the incredibly powerful Mac Studio. Reviewer Chris Welch comments on the number of ports on offer, as well as the amount of performance you get in a small form factor. He didn't like the lack of an SD card slot or the lack of port on the front. He gave the machine an eight out of ten. Here are his final thoughts:

"It shouldn’t be surprising that the 2023 Mac Mini is the best version of the product that Apple has pulled off yet. It looks the same but benefits greatly from the M2 platform, and that’s true whether you choose the standard chip or invest in the powerful M2 Pro."

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Ars Technica

Ars Technica reviewer Andrew Cunningham places the Mac mini in the middle of the computer landscape, calling upon Goldilocks to call it 'just right'. While he comments that the design hasn't changed, he likes the power on tap and the efficiency available from the latest chips. He goes into more detail here with lots of performance graphs, really getting into the nitty gritty comparisons with other chips from the likes of Intel and AMD. He didn't like the pricing of the higher-end machines, although goes on to say:

"Both the M2 and M2 Pro versions are augmented in ways that will benefit multi-monitor multitasking workstations, and they can do so for substantially less money than the Studio—the M2 mini starts at $599, $100 cheaper than the M1 mini and cheaper than any Mac mini has been since 2014."

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Apple Mac mini M2

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Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch reviewer Matt Burns comments on the Mac minis update, including going through some benchmark results. He goes on to critique the pricing of the more powerful variants of the machine, although admits that there is something to be said for a medium-specced machine. He finishes with his final thoughts on the computer:

"With the M2 and M2, the Mac Mini sits among the most powerful computers Apple offers at any price point. And let’s remember one of the Mac Mini’s main selling points: it’s mini. The Mac Mini is a tiny package that offers a lot of flexibility."

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The Macworld review of the Mac mini wasn't quite as gushing, giving the Mac four stars. They like the size and quietness of the Mac, but think it's too expensive and doesn't offer any design improvements. Chiefly missing are front-facing ports. Reviewer Jason Cross finishes with:

"The M2 Pro Mac mini is a really nice machine. Super compact, silent, fast—a welcome replacement for the Intel-based model of yesteryear. Apple finally embraced Wi-Fi 6E and HDMI 2.1, too. The price represents a poor value, though, even among Apple hardware."

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Cnet goes into detail about the Mac mini M2, putting the little computer through its paces. Reviewer Dan Ackerman loved the affordability of the new Mac mini, as well as the performance of the new chips. He even went on to talk about the gaming performance of the new Mac. There are detailed benchmarks as well so you can see how it stacks up to other computers. He finishes his positive review with:

"I think the base M2 Mac Mini is going to be a smart, clear choice for a lot of people. The more powerful, more expensive M2 Pro version isn't as clear cut, but I appreciate the flexibility having both the M2 and M2 Pro versions adds, allowing you to spend anywhere from $599 to $4,499 on a new Mac Mini that meets your specific needs, whether that's creating pro-level YouTube videos or recording and producing the next great true crime podcast."

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The reviews are in

So the reviews are in, and it looks pretty positive for the little Mac mini M2. Reviewers are impressed with the size and power on tap, and some more excited than other's about the base models price drop.

M2 Pro reviewers seem to note that the more powerful computer is still a little too expensive, although others comment on the sheer power of the little Mac mini. Overall, pretty good for the Mac mini, particularly for those who don't need the power of the studio but want something a little more potent than you might find elsewhere.

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