Apple could supercharge macOS 15 by adding these three features

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macOS is Apple's oldest platform, but that doesn't mean it's not able to spring plenty of surprises.

In recent years, we've seen Apple lean heavily on features from around its product ecosystem to improve the Mac experience, taking inspiration from iOS and watchOS software, and iPhone and Apple Watch hardware, to push what a modern Mac can do. That's led to the arrival of things like unlocking a Mac with an Apple Watch, Continuity Camera with an iPhone, and so much more. 

But is there anything left that Apple steal for macOS now? I'd argue there's not much, but there are certainly some ideas for what could feature in the follow up to macOS Sonoma

With this in mind, here is my macOS 15 wishlist as we head into 2024.

App Library

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I've set up my Applications folder in a way that it always shows in my Dock, and that's fine for the most part. I also try and do my best to keep many macOS tools (see our list of the best macOS utility apps for inspiration) in a separate folder to avoid clutter. 

The idea is that I can see my apps with a single click, without needing to open Launchpad and see a whole host of apps that otherwise lack an easy way of filing them. 

An App Library has been a huge help on my iPhone, letting me instantly track down something I've just installed, categorize everything I have on my device, and just keep areas like my Home Screen tidy. 

I'd love for something similar on my Mac so I can easily find what I need. For now, I'll have to make do with third-party solutions like Alfred to launch them.

Revised window management

Expose in macOS

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The macOS operating system we all use has been around since 2000, so it makes sense for window management to take a step forward. 

It's long been the Mac's Achilles heel, and while I use Magnet to wrangle my apps, I'm desperate for a first-party option because, as much as Stage Manager has improved on iPad, Stage Manager for Mac feels lackluster.

It's not that it's bad, it just takes up too much screen real estate, and it's much clunkier than the keyboard shortcuts I've conditioned myself to use instead. 

Will Apple ever relent and offer a built-in window management system that isn't reliant on a whole new workflow? It's closer than it's ever been with Shortcuts letting us use custom layouts, but something where we can drag windows into shape a la Windows Snap, would be amazing.

A password app

A person holds their iPhone and unlocks their 1Password account using Face ID. In the background is a laptop.

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OK, this may not sound that exciting, but have you tried to dig out your passwords from iCloud Keychain on Mac recently? It's a little bit of a nightmare. 

Much of that is likely down to how long it's been baked into the OS, pushed deeper and deeper by every subsequent layer. It's not all that intuitive, especially from a privacy and security-focused company that loves to tell you "It just works". 

While this is easily rectified by using a third-party service like 1Password (seriously, it's so well integrated into the OS on all of Apple's platforms it's become a must-have app), Apple still hasn't seen fit to add its own take on a password manager app. 

While the company wanted to shy away from passwords entirely with Passkeys, most of us still need our traditional logins — so come on, Apple, let us get to them a bit more easily. 

Five More Things...

While there are plenty of features I want from macOS in the future, not all of them are major enough to warrant an entry above. 

With this in mind, here's a short list of smaller features I'd still love to see:

  • Make it easier to manage pictures without using the Photos app
  • Improve automatic AirPods switching between devices
  • Make Stage Manager more useful by ensuring the left-hand bar takes up less of the screen
  • Give us a native Health app that makes data easily shareable from the Mac so we can attach reports to our Doctors etc.
  • Please, Apple, just fix the memory leaks.

Is there anything from macOS you've been wanting to see? Let me know in the iMore Forums if there's something I've missed!

Lloyd Coombes

Lloyd Coombes is a freelance writer with a specialism in Apple tech. From his first, hand-me-down iMac, he’s been working with Apple products for over a decade, and while he loves his iPhone and Mac, the iPad will always have his heart for reasons he still can’t quite fathom.

Since moving from blogging to writing professionally, Lloyd’s work can be found at TechRadar, Macworld, TechAdvisor and plenty more.

He’s also the Editor in Chief at, and on the rare occasion he’s not writing you’ll find him spending time with his son, or working hard at the gym (while wearing an Apple Watch, naturally). You can find him on Twitter @lloydcoombes.

  • iebock
    Just say no to the App Library. I want a way to turn it off in iOS. It's an annoyance that Apple is forcing down our throats. Sure there are some of you that love it but give us the ability to turn to off.
  • markusw
    I would like a "default output" functionality. For instance, I like the sound of my Homepod. After a new start however, the sound comes from the horrible macMini internal speaker again. Why can't we just set a default output medium, like we can do it for a default printer?
  • markusw
    In the Calendar app, I would also like an option to confirm / decline an incoming meeting request or to suggest a new time. Such functionality is BMO only offered by third party apps.
  • Just_Me_D
    iebock said:
    Just say no to the App Library. I want a way to turn it off in iOS. It's an annoyance that Apple is forcing down our throats. Sure there are some of you that love it but give us the ability to turn to off.

    I’d prefer the app listing portion of the App Library instead of the categorized section.
  • markusw
    Please also add Apple Support App to the Mac. Very useful, however only available for iOs, iPadOS and visionOS.