MacOS Ventura 13.4 launches: Here are all the new features and bug fixes

macOS Ventura on two MacBooks
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The latest version of macOS Ventura, 13.4, is finally here with some neat extra features. There's a new way to install Beta versions of Apple software, which unfortunately makes things a little more locked down, some tweaks to Apple News sports pages, and a couple of bug fixes.

As always, the update might trickle to users a little slower than other software updates, but just head to the Software Update portion of the System Settings menu on your Mac to get the installation started. Your Mac will need to be one of those compatible with macOS Ventura – no PowerBook G3s, we're afraid.

Little changes

There are a few things of note within the update. First is a couple of changes and additions to the Sports segment of the Apple News app, where the new Sports feed in the sidebar gives easier access to stories, scores, standings, and more for the teams that you support.

The update also means that the My Sports score and schedule cards now take you to pages where you can find out more about specific games.

There are a couple of fixes as well, with an Auto Unlock with Apple Watch problem being fixed, a slow Bluetooth keyboard fix, a VoiceOver issue with landmarks on webpages, and a Screen Time setting that didn't refresh or failed to sync across devices. All nice fixes to have, especially if you're a frequent user of the features.

The final thing to change with the most recent update is the way to install Beta software, similar to the changes to iOS betas in iOS 16.4. Instead of everyone being able to install pre-release and testing software, installs now need a valid Apple ID to install. That Apple ID needs to be associated with a developer or registered user within the public beta program, lest ye not be worthy. If you are either of those things, then macOS will show you Beta versions of the program.

You can install macOS 13.4 on all the best Macs now.

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