macOS Sierra has only just arrived but Apple is already getting started on macOS 10.13 — the as-yet-un-landmark-named version that's debut next. So, if Apple asked you what you wanted to see in the upcoming edition of Mac operating system, what would you tell them?

  • Full-on dark mode like tvOS got
  • "Hey Siri" voice activation
  • Unified Siri/Spotlight system
  • Auto unlock with iPhone not just Apple Watch
  • Handoff for iTunes media
  • Pin iCloud documents so they're always available offline
  • Exclude large or specific file types from iCloud documents sync
  • Better Split View management
  • Mac App Store update (hello, gifting!)

Those are just a few ideas, let me know which ones tickle your fancy and, more importantly — all the features you're still waiting for!

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