The MagSafe song is now available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify

Magsafe Song
Magsafe Song (Image credit: Jonathan & Friends)

What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone 12 supports a new MagSafe charging method.
  • Jonathan Morrison and WOLF recorded a viral song based on the new tech.
  • An extended version is now available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

The viral MagSafe song created by Jonathan Morrison and recording artist WOLF is now available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Last month YouTuber Jonathan Morrison and WOLF created a short, catchy tune based on a sample of the iPhone 12's new MagSafe charging sound, the internet loved it.

Now, by popular demand, the song has been extended and officially released on both Apple Music and Spotify, and is available to stream now!

A couple of weeks ago, we sat down with WOLF and Morrison to talk about how they made the MagSafe song, and their thoughts on the iPhone 12 that inspired it.

Here's a snippet:

Sure enough, unmuting the iPhone revealed the MagSafe charger's unique alert sound. A burst of inspiration and an AirDropped file later, Morrison was deep in Logic trying to create a track. Soon, a rough idea traveled from West coast to east that Saturday afternoon. WOLF loved the idea, and whilst dancing around filming even more creative projects with iPhone 12, she laid down her final vocals on Sunday. In just 48 hours, they had a song ready to go.

Apple's new MagSafe charger for iPhone 12 offers users a whole new way to charge their iPhone, a happy medium between plugging it in and using a wireless charging mat. It offers users 15W power and the stability of a magnetic connection that holds your iPhone in place. Not only that, it has opened up a whole new range of accessories such as Apple's new MagSafe wallet, and various third party options like car mounts and more.

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