Man replaces lost AirPods Pro earbud, finds it in bag of chips

Airpods Chips
Airpods Chips (Image credit: @WSig)

What you need to know

  • A man has taken to Twitter after he found his lost AirPod Pro in a bag of chips.
  • He had lost his right earbud for over a week and even bought a replacement from Apple.
  • On returning to his snack, he found the lost earbud poking out of the remains.

A man has taken to Twitter to reveal that after losing one of his AirPods Pro earbuds for over a week and buying a replacement, he found the lost earbud in a bag of chips he'd been enjoying.

Will Sigmon posted saying:

As you can see, he found the lost earbud poking out from the rest of his chips when he went back to his snack.

Like us, you might think this sounds a little far-fetched, but Sigmon even posted proof of his collection of three earbuds:

The most harrowing aspect of this story is definitely the fact that he was eating 'Flamin' Hot', dill pickle-flavored chips... gross.

You can, of course, try to locate lost AirPods by using or the Find My app to play a sound through them, much the same way as you can locate a missing phone with your Apple Watch. However, Sigmon says that at the time he only thought that this worked for the case and that by the time he realized it worked for the individual earbuds too, it had run out of battery.

Given their immense popularity, demand has really outstripped supply for AirPods Pro, and as such, they are very difficult to get hold of.

We think AirPods Pro are pretty awesome and are Apple's best audio invention since it released the original AirPods, so you should really take better care of them, Will.

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