March Event excitement: Why I love Apple's March events

Apple Fall 2019 event inviation
Apple Fall 2019 event inviation (Image credit: iMore)

February is finally behind us, and it's now March — you know what that means, right? A possible March event from Apple! Well, I say possible because of recent novel coronavirus, aka COVID-19, scares, it is completely up in the air whether or not Apple will have an event this month.

Hypothetically speaking, if Apple were to have a March event this month, or some type of event in the spring season, it's an exciting time regardless. Here's why I love the March events from Apple.

A good chance for a new iPad

12.9-inch iPad Pro

12.9-inch iPad Pro (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

While Apple doesn't always have a March event every year, they've held one most of the years in the past decade. If you take a look at the timeline of events and examine the theme for each, you'll see that an iPad usually comes out of these announcements most of the time.

Even though I typically get my work done from a Mac, I still love having an iPad around the house or office. The iPad has evolved so much since Steve Jobs first introduced it back in 2010, and while it isn't quite a full replacement for a laptop for many yet, it's a very capable machine in its own right.

For example, your iPad with iPadOS 13 can work as a side display for your Mac running macOS Catalina thanks to the Sidecar feature. iPadOS 13 also brought in more refinements to the iPad, like the pinned widgets on the Home screen, more streamlined multitasking, and makes for a great digital art tablet. And if you don't need the iPad to do work, it's still a great leisure and entertainment machine, as you can read books, magazines, watch video, and much more.

So if Apple were to hold a March event this year, there would be an excellent chance to see a spec bump in the iPad lineup, which is always welcome. And even if it's not a significant upgrade in specs, it's nice to see Apple having something like an even more affordable iPad offering for the masses, like what they did with the March 2018 event, which focused on education and they launched the new 9.7-inch iPad.

A new low-cost iPhone

iPhone SE 2 Fake Mockup

iPhone SE 2 Fake Mockup (Image credit: iMore)

The rumors continue to point towards a new small, low-cost iPhone being released in the spring, appropriately named the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. If Apple were to do a March event this year, this would be the perfect time to reveal it.

Even though I am not the right demographic for such a device, a new iPhone is still a new iPhone, and it's something exciting. I was a fan of the iPhone SE size, form factor, and design because it was a classic. So if Apple is bringing this back, or at least something close to it, then it's definitely something to look forward to for many. I mean, hey, who doesn't enjoy a new iPhone announcement?

Surprises with new products or services

AirPods Pro and Beats Solo Pro

AirPods Pro and Beats Solo Pro (Image credit: iMore)

Unlike the typical fall event for iPhones, the March events usually give Apple the chance to surprise everyone. Last year, there were no hardware products announced, but they did unveil a slew of different services, including Apple Card, Apple News+, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade.

While not everyone may have been super excited for Apple services, it was mostly a surprise, especially Apple Arcade. The March event has enough room to throw us a curveball every now and then, and that's just what we got last year. Honestly, I like the surprise, because it breaks up the routine a bit, and I miss being surprised with Apple events, honestly.

This year, assuming that there would be an event, it could be likely that Apple is launching a new product like the rumored AirTags(, which would be their own version of Tile. There also have been rumors about a high-end, headphone style version of AirPods, so maybe we'll see that announced at an event too.

New Macs

16-inch MacBook Pro

16-inch MacBook Pro (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

While it's not always a guarantee, Apple has done some updates to the Mac lineup, mostly for the MacBook line, during March events. People upgrade their computer setups less than iPhones and iPads, but it's still exciting when Apple reveals some new MacBook hardware.

I'm still working from an old 2013 MacBook Pro, so if there are any updates to the MacBooks, I'll take it — I could use an upgrade anyway.

It's the halfway point to Apple Christmas — the fall event

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro (Image credit: Karen Freeman / iMore)

And finally, the biggest reason why I love the March event is because it's the halfway marker to the fall event, which means halfway to new iPhones. If there's anything that I have a tradition of upgrading every year (in order to do my job), it's my iPhone. So, of course, the main iPhone event is what excites me the most, so when the March or spring event comes around, it's just an indicator of the halfway mark to the real show. The fall event brings a refresh in Apple Watch as well, and most of the iPad or Mac lineup.

Are you looking forward to a March event?

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on right now, we're uncertain if we're getting an event from Apple at all this month. But if we do, it would be an exciting time. What are your favorite things about Apple's spring events? What are you looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments.

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